The Wives of Eerie Committee of Civic Order (W.E.C.C.O.)
Mrs. Dorianne Wintermayer, the Mayor’s wife, is president of this group of “responsable and eager to help” women of Eerie that has taken on the responsability of promoting every activity that heps the city been “cleaner, better and shinnest city on Indiana”. They organize charity balls, assist to important government metings and represent the city in parades and other events. The group is composed of COnvervadorist Members, more attach to the older better traditional ways, and Liberal Members, more into exploring new visions for the city.

Their motto is: “Order in the right Order.”

Members of the group include (or had included in some moment of the past):
Dorianne Wintermayer @Old Town (Conservadorist Member)
Eloise Fitzwilliam @Two Queens and a King (Opposing Angela)
Eucalypta Doublelittle @Old Town (Conservadorist Member)
Etheline Tenenbaum @Upperheadrow (Liberal Member)
Eulolia Reitman @Upperheadrow (Conservadorist Member)
Abigail Zetland @Two Queens and a King (Conservadorist Member)
Angela Partelli @Two Queens and a King (Opposing Eloise)
Mink Stole @Two Queens and a King (Conservadorist Member)
Judith Draper @Two Queens and a King (Conservadorist Member)
Winter Hunt @Two Queens and a King (Conservadorist Member)
Claire Stepford @Two Queens and a King (Conservadorist Member)
Emma Brooks @Two Queens and a King (Liberal Member)
Daisy Bradford @Bradford Fields (Former member)
Betty Buckley @Chapel Hills (Former member)
Madonna Thunder Hawk @Upperheadrow (Liberal Member)

SECRET: The kids found out that a Kobold obsessed with order lives in the Wintermayer’s house and that these obsession is forced unto the Wintermayer’s family. The same thing could be happening here, the WECCO are a way for Dorianne Wintermayer to project these kobold-induced obssesions outside of her house and into Eerie.

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