Timeline of the history of Eerie, Indiana

Timeline of the history of Eerie, Indiana:

This topic will contaion the timeline of evetns of Eerie and entries about other d20 Moddern campaign that are relevant to the stories.

1675 – Founded between years 1675 and 1692 by groups of farmers and poachers, the hamlet known as Eerie, Indiana grow into a village in those years thanks to a big number of religious people that move to the area.

1681 – A box from Paris arrived to Eerie and was received by Reverend Albion it was sent by someone with the last name Le Voisin. The Reverend never talked about the box and the box was never seen again.

1692 – Reverend James Jonas Albion, leader of these groups of religious people that helped Eerie grow, built the first church and helped organize the village into a small town.

1721 –Raymond Peterson was the first doctor to work in Eerie after he went to study on England. After him, many generations of Peterson had worked on the medical profession.

1731 – Several members of the founder families of Eerie, including the Peterson, Doublelittle and Albion, returned from Boston after discussing with Benjamin Franklin about recession.

1780 – Eerie troops marched to the battle against the British in the Independence War but never returned. The commander of the troops name was John Williams and a statue was made to him and his battalion on the center of old town.

1796 –Francis Bradford finished the Francis Plantation Manor on the St. Andrews sector at Eerie, Indiana.

1798 – An Arab Merchant named Abi Asur arrived to Eerie with a unknown beast inside a box. He claimed to have trapped a Ghoul and that he was searching a way to destroy it. Therefore the legends and histories about ghouls in Eerie are born.

1809 – The Eerie School was built.

1817 – The first recorded sighting of Bessie occurred in 1817, and more sightings have occurred intermittently and in greater frequency. The Lake Eerie Monster is also known as the “South Bay Bessie”.

1836 – Captain John William’s pub is built in the Old Town sector of Eerie, Indiana in honor of a Revolution War hero.

1842 – The Northgate Hill Mansion of Eerie was built in 1842 by a wealthy man, Hartigan Green, who owned several salt tracts.

1852 – During the construction of a railroad bridge north east of the main station of Eerie, a man fell into a pylon under the construction and died.

1856 – Lightning strikes the ground in Kensigton, New Hampshire and Eerie, Indiana, creating a 30 foot deep well that fills with fresh water in both places.

1863 – In June 1863 Union troops marched thru Eerie in their way to the battle of Corudon. The times before and during the Civil War saw the fields east of the city as mayor producers of wheat and corn. Colonel Hannibal Bradford and his family were owners of half the territory at that moment.
Built in the 1860s by the Peterson family on Upperheadrow, the Peterson Mansion is said to be haunted by the family, which was surrounded by tragedy.

1866 – The two-mile stretch of road known as the Shawnee’s Promenade at Eerie, Indiana starts to gain notoriety as more a more people claim to have seen balls of orange light flying around.

1868 – After the Civil War the train industry skyrocket with the construction of a modern train station and metal yards in Eerie. Mr. Nataniel Fitzwilliam, was the owner of a progressive machine shop used to repair trains that was nicknamed “Metal Works”.

1870 – The Gordon and Ryan families arrived to Eerie.

1872 – The Wesson family arrives to Eerie.

1873 – A man named Alfred Doublelittle built a series of buildings on the middle of the town of Eerie, some of them are still standing today. A street was named Alfred in his honor for his work as an engineer.

1877 – A woman named Samantha Byram protested against the expansion of the city of Eerie near his house in the middle of a small forest on Queensgate. She was accused of witchcraft and hanged by the neck by a group of citizens. The next day, the body was missing. The legend says that she turned into a tree and that she curses people that had done bad things to nature.

1879 – The Eerie School was rebuilt and renamed Hannibal Bradford School.

1881 – The Thirteen Club opened in Eerie, Indiana. This club is still working as a anti-superstition club of wealthy people unafraid of making their own luck. The one in King Street is the last of these clubs that is still open in E.U. This club made in the 13th floor of a 15 floor building that was built in 1831.
The Angel of Mercy General Hospital was built.

1882 – Frogs are documented as falling from a cloudy sky for twenty minutes around Eerie, Indiana.

1884 – The Tallman family build a funeral home in Chapel Hill, since them, descendants of Mr. Agustine Tallman are always in charge of the old civil war mansion at Eerie, Indiana.
Sara Wesson built a 160 room Victorian mansion on the place later know as Northumberland sector at Eerie, Indiana.

1887 – The Eastwick family moved to Eerie to a house given to them by the son of Colonel Bradford. As the family was compose completely of women, many gossipers talked about a “brothel in the woods” giving the Eastwick a bad reputation from the start.

1889 – Between 1889 and 1894 around 52 people died of a rare respiratory disease that was named “Ching Disease” at Eerie, Indiana. The deaths occurred in the areas of Rook and Brook Street. All the people that died were Chinese immigrants that arrived at the same time to American the same year the plague started. This make the government arrive to the assumption that they were the carriers of the disease. They were all members of the Ching and Hsia families who arrive in 1889 from China with the Cho family. This last family was unaffected by the disease.

1890 – The sector of Eerie known as Southgate starts growing with many small and medium sized stores some of them owned by the oldest families on Eerie. Family business like The Apothecary, Albion Antique Store and Curiosities and Oddities open in this decade.
The Doublelittle-Peterson Office Building was built at Eerie, Indiana.

1894 – The first ice plant in Eerie, U. I. & S. Company was founded.

1899 – Nicolas Tesla visited the city of Eerie, Indiana and stayed in the zone of Queensgate for two months.

1900 – The Adamsseses, an eccentric family of wealthy property owners arrived to Eerie and bought many lands on the area know as Chapel Hill.
Engineer Alfred Doublelittle builds his last building Doublelittle’s Guest Hose in Chancery Street at Eerie, Indiana.
William Benjamin Steele is born on Scotland.

1911 – Exploding hailstones fall in Clubia, Missouri and Eerie, Indiana.

1912 – In 1912, the J.B. Ryan family (the parents and their four children), along with two children who were staying over that night, was murdered in their beds in a shocking crime for this otherwise small, peaceful community. The murders were never solved, but since then many unusual phenomena have been reported in this house on the Backrail sector at Eerie, Indiana.

1913 – In the year 1913, the Queensgate University was founded in Eerie, Indiana with money from various government funds obtained by the first dean Doctor Gerald Zetland. The place, formerly known as Old Byran’s Grounds was famous for the legend of Samantha Byran, the last of Eerie’s accused “witches”.

1914 – During the First and the Second World War the machine shops and foundry of Eerie (The Metal Works) worked to help the United States Army with pride and the city of Eerie, Indiana won many War Effort Awards one of them given by President Roosevelt itself.

1918 – Doctors William Steele, Itohiro Nakami and Thomas Hoffman visit Eerie and conducted a series of experiments in the area of Queengate and Queenssend.

1920 – An experiment in dog telepathy was conducted by Doctor Gerald Zetland at Queensgate University at Eerie, Indiana.

1924 – A tuberculosis infection reached epidemic proportions on Eerie and many patients died from the disease -and some from the treatment – on the local hospital.
In the 1920s, the Northgate Hill Mansion was opened as a tourist attraction at Eerie, Indiana.

1926 – The Bradford family of Eerie had to sell many of his properties at an underestimated price.

1929 – Lawrence Bradford had a fight with his brother Carter. The fight ended with the accidental dead of Carter. Even when Lawrence was proven innocent, their father, Edgar Bradford, ordered his son to leave and even to change his last name as he was no more his son. Lawrence changed his last name to Bradley and did a lot of things to prove to his father that he was sorry, even becoming mayor of Eerie. His father never forgives him.
Founded in 1929 by the Methodist Church is the orphanage named St. Peters Parish Methodist Mission at Eerie, Indiana.

1930 – Flying Ace Tag Bristow and twelve other brave pilots got together after the First World War to remember their exploits as pilots. They all moved to Eerie, become members of the Thirteen Club and initiated their lives as aerial acrobats around the nation with the name “Thirteen Black Cats”.
The Matters moved to Eerie.

1933 – The first ice plant in Eerie, U. I. & S. Company went bankrupt and closed.
In 1933, a man named Boris Lofkar arrived to Eerie. He was a dying Egyptologist and claimed to possess an occult gem, known as “The Iblis Star”. He believes it will grant immortality if he is buried with it, and thereby able to present it to Anubis in the afterlife. He died and was presumably buried on an unmarked grave on Bradford’s Grove Cemetery, as he had planed but no one knows if he returned from the dead as a ghoul.

1934 – Lawrence Batley Theatre was built in 1934 at Eerie, Indiana by Lawrence Batley a New York philanthropist that visited Eerie the year before and fell in love with Ms. Amy D. Ryad. She never returned the affection and he left the city after she refused to visit the theatre because she was taking care of her garden.
The Eerie Airstrip on South Bradford of Eerie, Indiana is built.

1939 – The Partelli family moved to Eerie. They become business partners with the Fitzwilliams in the metal industry.
The two sons of Lawrence Bradley of Eerie got into an altercation over inheritance of their father’s land and both died from their injuries. Their remaining family members founded the Bloomington Cemetery and have them buried there, side by side.

1940 – The area known as Upperhead Row becomes the richest sector of Eerie. Mansions built by engineers from New York and buildings with more than 20 floors were built in the following 10 years to be used as corporation offices.
The Kubiac family moved to Eerie.

1941 – Mr. Gerald Partelli conducts one of his many experiments on the “electrophysic aura of the living beings” on the tomatoes growing in Queensgate University at Eerie, Indiana.

1942 – The Crystal Lake Summer Camp of Eerie, Indiana was founded by Thomas Bradford to make some money with what was left of the Bradford money.

1943 – Elias and Sophie Barnaby disappear during their honeymoon after waiting for a delay at Eerie Train Station.

1946 – The Army Corps of Engineers investigated the “orange light phenomenon” on Shawnee’s Promenade of Eerie, Indiana in 1946 and concluded that it was “a mysterious light of unknown origin.”

1948 – Thirteen children from Edgar Allan Poe School of Eerie, Indiana mysteriously disappeared after getting their class picture taken by a man named Mr. Chameleon who was never found.

1950 – During the earlier 1950’s and ending in 1967, a series of cattle mutilation attacks and people disappearing were reported in different parts of Bradford of Eerie, Indiana. The cases were never solved.
St. Andrews Suburbs of Eerie, Indiana became a mayor project for the mayor’s office and other investors.
The Faraday family moves to Eerie.

1953 – A very old German scientist moved to Eerie, his name was Rudolph Weiss and worked in many projects with Doctor Walter Faraday and Arthur Partelli before dying.
The Wintermayers moved to Eerie.
A terrible accident where a couple died and one of them was decapitated occurred on Dog Face Bridge. This bridge is located in the road south of Eerie going to Greensburg exactly on the limit with Decatur County.

1956 – The new Industrial Area of Eerie, Indiana was started in 1956, and nowadays has some of the most advanced pharmaceutical facilities in the nation with leaders of the industry like ChemTech.

1956 – On August 22nd 1956 the decapitated body of twenty year old Harold Baker of Cicero was found in the highway north of Eeire. The article mentions that Harold Baker was also known as “Swordman” Baker and was a member of the Bishops, a local motorcycle club. And…Baker’s head was not found near his body.

1958 – The Eerie Airstrip is closed.

1959 – Doctor Rudolph Weiss of the Queenssend University at Eerie, Indiana, wrote a controversial paper entitled “Ley Lines of Eerie”.
The Wesson Mansion of Eerie was completely destroyed by fire in 1959.
The Donald’s Family of Eerie, Indiana capture the attention of the media and the authorities that responded with a education program against inbreeding.

1961 – A couple resembling celebrities stayed for one night in Doublelittle’s Guesthouse at Eerie, Indiana. The young owner, Miss Doublelittle, believes that they were J.F.K and M.M.
In 1961, a man named Mattew Matters had an accident that was related to the lights seen on Shawnee’s Promenade of Eerie were a teacher and seven students died in this school bus accident.

1963 – Young Israel Towermayer and his friend Jeffry Motherland become partners in a join venture to make money with the transportation of goods to different parts of the city of Eerie and to other towns around Eerie. The company was named “T&M Trucking”. Their perseverance makes them “number one” in no time, displacing the Fitzwilliam’s last small company “Fitzwilliam Carriers” of Eerie.

1964 – Without a warning to their business partners, the Partelli family sold their participation in the Metal Works of Eerie and bought a great share of Chemtech’s. The Fitzwilliams saw this as a betrayal and both families are enemies since.

1965 – The Fitzwilliam’s Smelter at Eerie, Indiana has to be shut down.
Bradford’s Grove Cemetery of Eerie, Indiana is abandoned.

1968 – In 1968, a man named Anthony G. Romero claimed to have fought reanimated cannibalistic corpses (ghouls) in Bradford Fields at Eerie, Indiana. He destroyed them by using fire and shooting them on the head.

1969– The Hannibal Bradford School of Eerie was rebuilt, expanded and renamed Edgar Allan Poe School.
Murdoch Mall is built at Eerie, Indiana.

1974 – A young school principal with the name of Mr. Jonathan Wesson hung himself in the E.A.P. School late one evening on Eerie, Indiana. Rumors are that he’s ghost been roaming the building ever since.
Ryan Blair closes his family house in Brook Street and leaves Eerie.

1975 – A defrocked missionary named Fred Cushing, whose son Freddy has developed a taste for human flesh while traveling in India, attracted the attention of the people of Eerie. As the son’s mind and body degenerate, Cushing has several young people dispatched and prepared as food for his offspring, whom he keeps locked up in the attic. When the police entered the house, both attacked the officers and were killed in the attack.

1976 – Albertino Donatello moves to Eerie and opens his disco night club “Oz”.
Wilder Bobby, a wash out musician, bought an old building and turned it into a dancehall. The building was originally a slaughter house and was considered haunted by many neighbors of Southgate of Eerie, Indiana.

1977 – Roy Sullivan Jr. moves to Eerie to work as a security guard in the abandoned airstrip located on Bradford Fields. Since that year he has been struck by lightning a total of nine times.
Bradford Fields Cattle Mutations reported at Eerie, Indiana capture the attention of the media.

1978 – The law firm Solomon Solutions opens his offices in Old Town at Eerie, Indiana.
Ms. Charlotte’s Guest House opens in Southgate at Eerie, Indiana.
A young photographer from Shelbyville named Dianne, disappeared on Eerie.

1979 – A psychic named Ms. Peterson who visited Francis Plantation building of Eerie, Indiana said visiting the parlor was like walking into a “crowded cocktail party of spirits”.

1980 – Mr. Harold Igman moved to Eerie with his wife and brought the Bradford Junkyard. She later died of an unknown disease.

1983 – “T&M Trucking” is broken and two new companies are born from the ashes Towermayer Transports and Motherland Security Trucks both located on Eerie. The two partners become sworn enemies and never talk to each other again. Each lives in a different building and never leaves their luxury apartments.
The orange light reported as been seen on Shawnee’s Promenade of Eerie, Indiana was investigated by the Ghost Research Society in 1983, which found it was a diamond-shaped light with a hollow center.

1984 – Hundred of fish fall from the sky in Santa Monica, California and Eerie, Indiana.
The Angel of Mercy General Hospital was rebuilt at Eerie, Indiana.

1985 – Alfred McAlpine a native of Eerie becomes a champion in the sport of rugby league in Australia playing number 13 in the University of Queensland team. Many people in the city become fanatics of the sport and the Stadium is named after him.

1986 – Norita’s Karate Academy, Bryan’s Arcade, Katerina Bilova Dance School, Mr. Magorium Toy Emporium and Winky Candies open at the same time in Southgate at Eerie, Indiana.

1987 – The Louthern family bought a few properties in the new Industry Area of Eerie, Indiana and built a very modern facility for their company PharmMax.
The Crosbys arrive to Eerie.
The young man fell to his death in the auditorium of the E.A.P. School of Eerie, Indiana.

1989 – An accident was reported by Arnold Kubiac in 1989 when a ball of orange light make him crash his truck at Eerie, Indiana.
A giant catfish weighting 354 pounds was retrieved by a tourist, Mr. Eleonor on 1989 at Crystal Lake of Eerie, Indiana.
A flock of birds intercepted the path of a plane departing from Greensburg-Decatur County Airport and then flew toward Eerie, Indiana.

1990 – Charles Lucas moves to Eerie, Indiana. He will later become the town sheriff.
A millionaire from Texas named Mr. Donovan buys the old radio station of Eerie and reopens it as WISH TV, the only local TV station.
Mr. Artemius Gordon Lord retired from circus life and moved to Eerie to the last house on St. Andrews Suburbs.
Ryan Blair returns to Eerie with his daughter and her family. His son-in-law is Matt Rose.

1991 – Sony Corporation establishes ESPER lab in Eerie’s Queensgate University where scientists study psychic phenomena, UFO’s and the paranormal.

1992 – Teresa Faraday is crowned queen in the Ms. Eerie Pageant of this year. A series of opportunities opens to her and becomes the famous Parisian model with the nickname Terra, now living in Europw.

1994 – A chemical lab in Queensgate University of Eerie, Indiana blows up and Dr. Marshal Matters II, a brilliant chemist, is fired.
Dr. Walter Faraday retires from Queensgate University of Eerie, Indiana.
A giant snake escaped from the Carnivale at Bradford of Eerie, Indiana and is found playing with a baby named Bernie Bradley.

1995 – The New- Scientologists buy and rebuilt a building in Chapel Street at Eerie, Indiana that became their local church.
Unmarked black helicopters spotted over Bradford fields at Eerie, Indiana.
The Louthen Family build the PharmMax facility on the New Industry Zone of Eerie, Indiana.

1996 – Mary Wesson dies when her house caught fire at St. Andrews in Eerie.
Mary Rose abandons his husband Matt without any reason and leaves Eerie.

1999 – The Baron’s family moved to Eerie from Mississippi, they bought an old farm in Bradford Fields that still belonged to the Bradfords.
The Alexanders return to Eerie.

2000 –
William Benjamin Steele dies at the exact age of 100 years old at his home, the Eilean Donan castle in Scotland.
The Current Mayor of Eerie is Honorable Zimbardo Wintermeyer and the Town Sherriff is Charles Lucas. Honorable Judge Trudy Kessler is in charge of the tribunal and the head of the Chamber of Commerce is Mr. Donald McAlpine.
The Fitzwilliam family had to sell to the government with a significant economical lost their rights to administrate the old Railroad Station of Eerie, Indiana.
A man that called himself Coronel Edmund J. J. Baron opened his Going South Bar & Grill in Bradford of Eerie, Indiana.
The child prodigy, Lionel Alexander Louthorn moves to Eerie to live and be administrator of his family facility PharmMax.
In the last two weeks of may, about 50 different kids fell sick of an unknown sleep disorder at Eerie, Indiana. A specialist from New York, Dr. Kiefer, studied the cases but was unable to determinate the cause before all the kids recovered. Thirteen of the cases were identified by the doctor as “special”.
After a manifestation by a group of university students and local children at Eerie, Indiana, the construction of a new entrance that will connects the Queensgate University with the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, starts with the relocalization of Samantha Byram’s Tree to a near by location still inside the university campus.
September –
Edgar Alla Poe School of Eerie, Indiana organized a mayor theater event to be performed as an open house fair. The motive of the fair was Shakespear’s Midsummer Midnight Dream. The theater teacher, Mr. David Bower Davids, was the mayor organizer. The mayor presentation was almost ruined when a group of kids in costume started fighting between themselves.
Ms. Noemi D. Ryad abandoned the university that was home to her family for at least three generations and left Eerie. Shortly after her unannounced departure, Samantha Byram’s Tree started to rot and die. Dean Hawthorn attributed the dead of the tree to a failure on the process of transplanting it to the new location.
Three kids from three different sectors of Eerie disappear for about six hours in the morning of the 9th : Stella Faraday, 9 years old from St. Andrews, Morgan Fitzwilliam, 11 years old from Queenssend Gardens and Christopher Bradford, 10 years old from Bradford Manor. The kids never told any adult were they have been for those 6 hours.
October –
During Halloween night, a man named Joe Mearguilo kidnapped 15 children from the streets of Eerie and took them to Northern Bradford Fields were he released a wild beast (possibly a mountain lion) on the unsuspected Eastwick Sisters, Frances and Jet, who died in the attack. Joe Mearguilo is found guilty and sentenced to serve two consecutive sentences of 100 years on Shelbyville County Prison. Miraculous, the children are found barely wounded and scare but alive in two boats on Crystal Lake trying to escape the beast and Mr. Mearguilo and also a fire that destroyed the Eastwick fields.
November –
The three Eastwick sisters (Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie), daughters of the deceased Eastwick sisters, arrive to Eerie from their respective European universities to take care of the family business.
A group of teenagers enter the Wintermayer’s Mansion of Eerie and vandalize several rooms. They are never identified. The Mayor’s family was assisting the Thanksgiving Festival as they use to do every year.

2001 – Most to the sadness of the Edgar Allan Poe School staff and the Mayor’s Office, Professor Davids, the new Theater teacher, abandons Eerie to work at New York.
Mr. Marshal Matters Junior gets a job at the Chemtech facility of Eerie and rapidly rises to the rank of Chief Researcher. He moves his family to St. Andrews leaving behind his parents in his old trailer at Trucker’s Triangle.
Matt Rose had an accident while working on Fitzwilliam’s Metal Works of Eerie, Indiana and losses partial mobility in his right leg. He becomes more distant from his father in law and his son Jonathan.
Crystal Lake of Eerie, Indiana gains a shadowy reputation when small and medium animals started to appear mutilated. The legend of Crystal Lake’s killer starts to become notorious again when a hunter and a fisherman disappeared in two different occasions during this year.

2002 – Walter Faraday is admitted to the Psyquiatric Ward of Angel of Mercy’s General Hospital of Eerie, Indiana after his wife died on July 7. His old house is closed.
Bejamin Fitzwilliam II is able to stabilize the Fitzwilliam fortune and keep the Fitzwilliam Metal Work facility of Eerie, Indiana open when he gets a contract from the government to scrap old trains and smelt their metal.
The new Eastwicks Sisters finish repairing the damage suffered to their properties during the vandalism attacks of Joe Junker on October 2000. They are back in Eerie’s business and more ready than ever.
Haunting activity starts to rise on all paranormal sites known on Eerie and a few new ones.
The O.P.I. (Odysseus Paranormal Investigators), a group of detective and scientist that investigate the strangest paranormal cases reported, opens it’s doors at New York with the faces of three renown celebrities at it’s head: extreme sports Martin Murphy, scientist Lester Church Stalk and British archeologist Abigail Cromwell.

2003 – Ms. Daisy Bradford falls sick and is secluded in her room all the time at the Bradford Mansion of Eerie, Indiana with a nurse visiting her every day to take care of her medicines. Mr. Marshal Matters Senior losses his job as the Bradford’s Chauffer and retires.
John Wesson starts coming more to Eerie from his business trips and takes time to do sports with his niece Chloe and his son Dean.
Crystal Lake Summer of Eerie, Indiana camp is closed after two counselors disappear and were presumed that they drown in the cold waters for trying to swim at midnight in the cold waters without clothes.

2004 – Zimbardo Wintermayer is reelected for the third time for the position of Mayor of Eerie, Indiana with Mr. Lucas as his Sherriff.
Alex Louthern who still lives at Eerie, Indiana, achieves two different doctor degrees in business and genetics.
Strange lights are seen around the abandoned airstrip on Bradford Fields of Eerie, Indiana in several occasions by different people.
A series of disappearances has been reported by people from many cities around Eerie. All the people that disappeared have only one thing in common, they were travelling in car or foot using the Bradford Road going out or entering Eerie.
An entire soccer team dies after being struck by a lighting during a match during a game between Shelbyville and visitors team of Eerie.

2005 –
The war between the people that wanted to get their hands on Sir William Benjamin Steele’s fortune comes to an end and his named heirs come to Scotland to live at his castle, Eilein Donan with millions of dollars to manage in his foundation.
August –
Dean Joseph Zetland wakes from his coma after five years at his home in Eerie, Indiana.
A series of ghostly occurrences E.A.P. School of Eerie, Indiana including sone accidents, end in only one week.
Old Cushing’s Farm, an abandoned Junker located on Bradford Fields of Eerie, Indiana, was burn to the ground by unknowns.
Two members of Eerie Police Department are reported missing when patrolling around Bradford Fields.
September –
The E.A.P. School staff of Eerie, Indiana completed their annual Science Fair without mayor problems.
Mr. Alexander Gordon Lord from St. Andrews at Eerie, Indiana reported a group of vandals that broke into his house. Mr. Shoemaker from Southgate of Eerie, Indiana had the same problem. The police suspects a group from Backrail Streets whose leader is a young woman from Kansas.
October –
A group of unknown vandals entered the Northgate Hill Mansion and destroyed a few of the old artifacts including the removal of some floor boards from the basement and the burning of some old bones.
The son of radio personality Cassanova Dynamite, Napoleon, disappears when hiking on the shore of Crystal Lake at Eerie, Indiana.
November -
Chief John Evehema, cultural and religious leader of the Shawnee of Eerie, Indiana died of a respiratory failure after a month of intensive care at Angel of Mercy’s Hospital.

2006 –
January –
The Chinnesse New Year of the Red Fire Dog is celebrated on Northumberland at Eerie, Indiana. Auntie Kusama Cho has the premonition that something bad will happen on Eerie and that it’s related to the number 666.
A small sand storm enters Eerie via Bradford Fields the morning after the celebration.
March –
Frank Chroner of Eerie, Indiana is attacked by a group of teens that stole his truck. This truck was found by him and used without license for a few weeks. The truck belonged to the convict known as Joe Yunker.
People from Bradford Fields of Eerie reported a fire and gunshots at Black Sage Road House.
People from Northumberland of Eerie reported gunshots and a explosion at the old abandoned ice plant.
May –
Strange and supernatural events happen all around the world, but Eerie is untouched by them.
The Elieen Dolan castle at Scotland, belonging to the Sir William Steele Foundation was attacked by unknowns that killed some of the residents.
A series of terrorist attacks against different organizations places the world in alert.
June –
Edward Muscare a janitor at Angel of Mercy Hospital of Eerie, Indiana, was found dead on an hospital room of the hospital by a nurse, the fist police officer that investigated the body, Officer Hightower, was also killed by what the authorities believe were the same person or people. The investigation about these two deaths is unconcluded as Officer Hightower was seen outside the Hospital and inside the Hospital at the same time and the security cameras were erased.
Other events including vandalism, theft and killings occur around Eerie.
Eeilein Dolan castle, at Scotland is attacked by terrorist who killed some of the heirs and stole important pieces from Sir William Benjamin Steele collection.
July –
Two Queens and a King of Eerie, Indiana has had an escalating crime problem in the last ten years. Which is not to say that there is more crime, but instead that scandals that might previously have been covered up have been going uncovered: rapes committed by campus athletes, high-quality (and high-cost) drugs flowing like water, and a local police force that seems to be at the beck and call of Queensend Gardens’s richest families.
The Morrows of St. Andrews returned from their weekend hunting trip to Crystal Lake at Eerie, Indiana without memory of what had happen in the last three weeks.
Students from different parts of the country are transferred to the Three Seven’s Physical Education Facility at Chapel Hills of Eerie, Indiana.
Donald Darko of Eerie, Indiana disappears, to return home after three days. He said he was sleepwalking.
An explosion is heard near the Green Castle at Chapel Hills of Eerie, Indiana but no sign of the damage is found by the authorities. A day later, a second bigger explosion causes the complete Green Castle to explode with more than 30 people dead.
A set of four vials with a dangerous virus is reported stolen by unknown terrorists from a lab of Angel of Mercy Hospital Research Section of Eerie, Indiana. It was also discovered that the report about terrorist was a fake to hide the corruption of the Angel of Mercy Hospital Administrator, Ms. Throne and some of her associates in the 3-7’s Foundation Scandal.
Mr. Buckland from Upperheadrow is arrested under charges of sexual abuse and slavery of his own daughters. The six daughters are placed under the custody of the government. He was found to be involved in the 3-7’s Foundation scandal. More than one hundred members of different neo-nazi groups around the U.S.A. are found disguised and wielding firearms around Eerie thanks to an anonymous call from one concerning citizen. Their motives are unknown but they were found related to the 3-7’s Foundation Scandal.The 3-7’s Foundation was under investigation for different federal charges including banking fraud. The F.B.I. believes that the castle was destroyed by the criminals to dispose of the evidence.
Dr. Creed and his family of three disappear, the house is found full of blood at Eerie, Indiana but no bodies were found.
October –
The Happy Wanderers a pair of Leutonian’s brother performers from Southgate disappear from Eerie in the top of their career. White Goodman from Upperheadrow was assaulted by a pair of unknown thugs and some ancient family papers stolen.
PharmMax raises in revenues with a series of new medicines and inventions develop by the scientist at the R&D department of Eerie, Indiana.
Mr. Longhorn Smith, a Shawnee recovers from a mental illness that had him in a mental home for the last 10 years.
November –
November, Former Judge Reeve Alvin Valkenheiser was investigated for selling a bunch of firearms that he said he “found around here”. The charges were dropped and the case was left inconclusive after the former judge “called a few friends” and “pulled a few strings”.
Some members of the Shawnee Tribal Council had a meetting with thirteen young people about a memorial dedicated to Chief John.
Mr. Ryan Blair is killed the police is still investigating.
Mr. Roy Sullivan, Jr. with the help of the Dream Warriors was able to destroy the Crawfordsville monster on the Bradford’s Abandoned Airstrip.

2007 –
The new year was received with hope by the people of Eerie with expectations of peace and tranquility in comparison with the former year 2006.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander from Upperheadrow, are found out of their minds and unable to speak more than mumbbling and crying wandering around Northgate. A investigation found that their bodies and house were full of ilicited and dangerous drugs.
2007.06.06 – Anton Chigurh Bardem finds work on the Bradley’s farm an dtries to kill the Bradley family. The Bradley’s defend themselves and kill Anton. In reality, they have help from the Dream Warriors but they never reported who helped them.
2007.06.13 – Two men enter the General Hematology Observation University Lab, attack a lab assistant named Vincenzo and steals a canister containing one of the labs experiments and is found death outside the lab. The dead man is identified as Jason Taylor Hunt the second man remains unidentified. The canister and its contents are destroyed. Doctor Roynald Donahue was doing a speech at the Edgar Allan Poe School graduation of that year at the moment of the event.
2007.07.28 – Unidentified vandal(s) stuck a stick of dynamite on the ornamental Shawnee wall and blew a hole on it. It was later discovered by the Dream Warriors that the damage was done by Jacob Duffort and his group of Shadow Hunters while trying to free the angry ghosts of Ghost Wall Hills.

July 17 – TAM Linhas Aéreas Flight 3054 overruns the runway of Congonhas-São Paulo International Airport and crashes, killing all 187 and 12 others on the ground.
July 21 – The final book in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is released and sells over 11 million copies in the first 24 hours, becoming the fastest selling book in history.12
August 14 – Multiple suicide bombings kill 572 people in Qahtaniya, northern Iraq.
September 16 – One-Two-GO Airlines Flight 269 crashes in Phuket, Thailand, killing 89 passengers and crew.
October 24 – In the space of a few hours, Comet Holmes develops a coma and flares up to half a million times its former brightness, becoming visible to the naked eye. Its coma later becomes larger in volume than the Sun, the second such comet in 2007 after Comet McNaught.
October 28 – The Vatican beatifies 498 Spanish victims of religious persecution from before and during the Spanish Civil War.

2008 -

Obama’s wife, Michelle, unknowingly set off a six-hour standoff when a Trucker Triangle man angered by her convention speech ran out of his RV and began yelling and firing a gun. A SWAT team was brought in, and the man was eventually captured and taken for a psychological evaluation.

There were plenty of others who went to extremes to avoid arrest last year, including a man who stole a hearse parked outside a church during a funeral. A police chase ensued and officers shot the man in the leg before he eventually returned the hearse to the church.

In 2008, a nest of giant turtles in Eerie sewer system capable of snapping off a man’s hand in a single bite. One specimen was captured at the treatment plant and sent to the Zoo where it was declared patently ‘prehistoric’.

An unprovoked Easter attack in the park by an alleged “man-sized, floppy-eared creature” brought on a lawsuit by the victim’s mother. Perhaps the suit was settled out of court, for a paranormal expert is quoted claiming that “I seriously doubt that [the Bunny] would attack a helpless, unarmed child.”

It is particularly irresponsible of the city to cover up the deadly event which occurred on Crystal Lake in July 2008, when an ‘undulating amoeba’ with the head of a duck and webbed feet rose from the lake and attacked people along the boardwalk.

November, Honorable Zimbardo Wintermeyer wins the elections and became Mayor of Eerie against.

2009 -
On January 2009 Bernard Bradley, Arnold Morrow, Chloe Kubiac, Larry Kubiac, Claire Bernier, Dean Wesson, and Irene Tepahtoawa had to fight a serial killer that calls himself The Zodiac that wanted to kill Claire Bernier and had plans to kill other citizens of Eeriertown. The unidentified man was placed in a coma and is now on the Coma Ward of the Angel of Mercy Hospital.

2009.06.01 – Sr. Regan Teresa MacNeil, RSM of the Saint Dymphna Methodist Mission located on Southgate sent a message to Judge Telemus about the dangers of a group of Grimlocks that stole 2 orphans the night before and were to stole 8 more that same night. Judge didn’t believed her, but Dean and the Dream Warriors did. They investigated, got the “blessing” of Judge Telemus and were able to repel 19 Grimlocks and capture 1. The 8 remaining childs were saved and the Dream Warriors presented their evidence to Judge Telemus. The Grimlock confesed that an “evil and powerful being from deep underground, deeper than us” was forcing them to steal the children.

2009.06.03 – On this night at Bradford’s Grove Cemetery (located on Bradford Fields) is found that the ancient Bradford’s Tomb was open and signs of vandalism were also found. The Police is investigating.

2009.06 – After the dead of Daisy Bradford and disapeareance of many people under strange circunstances, the police turns the custody of Christopher Bradford to a temporary foster home. Bradford Manor is closed.

Timeline of the history of Eerie, Indiana

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