The Roque Group

Mr. Roque & the Roque Group
Located in a solemn building in Northgate, called Roque Building, this company that invests in all type of media across the United States. Their home offices are located on Los Angeles, California, but Mr. Roque is a native of Eerie and moved back to his home town when he got sick ten years ago. The building is completely devoted to their business and it even has warehouse were props and equipment to make movie have been stored.

Mr. Regies Roque is the atrophied center of decision of a power group that tries to control Eerie based media opposing kings like Dynamite, Grossman and Flavors.

Mr Roque and his agents the Castigliane Brothers, and their agent (like the man they called The Cowboy) are the power brokers of various media industry in Eerie. His rule rely behind the scenes, exerting his power through the Castiglianes and others by insisting on having the girl he wants in the lead role. It is important to note that he has absolutely no cultural or creative interest in the film at all, but is simply exerting his power for the sake of it. He doesn’t even know the name of the girl he is forcing and has to be told. He squeeze the creative life out of Hollywoodand other mayor media producing places.

The Cowboy is a anonymous figure that works as The Roques’ pusher and bodyguard. He speaks in a ver philosophical and strange voice saying things like: “That just as a dog, supposing him attached to a car, if indeed he is disposed to follow, both is drawn, or follows voluntarily, making an exercise also of free power, in combination with necessity, that is, fate; but if he may not be disposed to follow, he will altogether be coerced to do so.”
SECRET: When the Cowboy appears he does this a midst electricity surges. This could be a way to show the presence of something supernatural.

Roxy Swift
Ms. Swift is Mr. Roque’s secretary and receptionist of the Roque Group.

Milton Waddams
Milton Waddams is a meek, fixated collator who constantly mumbles to himself (most notably about his workmates borrowing his favorite red Swingline stapler, and setting the workplace on fire). Milton, after getting his stapler taken away by his boss, being increasingly ignored, having to move to the cockroach-infested basement, and not receiving any more paychecks, finally snaps and sets fire to the office building, having warned several times throughout the film that he would do so (Milton had actually been laid off years earlier; nobody told him, and he continued to come in to work and get paid due to a payroll glitch).

The Roque Group

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