The Stuarts
Fred Stuart married Geena and now live in a small house on Old Town. He works at ChemTech and she was the secretary of Mr. Upson Prat and use to work for him from her home (using the internet). Now that Mr. Prat died she is unemployed. Their son Freddy has a pet mouse who he said can speak.


RUMMOR: One afternoon, Freddy’s school lets out early and he sneaks off to go play softball without telling his mother, who would not approve of such a thing since it’s not safe. He gets knocked out in the course of the game and when he wakes up, he receives a phone call from someone calling himself Keith and claiming to be living in Freddy’s basement. After a series of seeming awakenings, he is left wondering what is real and what is his dream.

SECRET: After his concussion Freddy can remember his life inside Eeriescape but he is slowly lossing his mind as he doesn’t know what is happening to him. Dean Wesson spoke to him and after discovering his strange talent he explained Freedy that he wasn’t crazy and that he can be a friend of him. The kid named Keith is someone that Dean doesn’t know who he is but could be related to Kiron, AKA Special K from the Duggar family at St. Andrews who had a strange disapearing at the same time that Freedy had his experience.

2006: November, Dr. Keifer Sullivan visits the Stuarts and offers to help Freddy.


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