Old Industrial Area

Old Industrial Area or Old Industry Sector
Built in 1868 after the Civil War and the main source of capital for the city of Eerie up to the end of the Second World War, the Railroad Station, the Foundry and the Metal Works are still the biggest buildings of the city and can be found just south of the hospital sector. The place has many warehouses that are used to kept cargo that is moved by trains, trucks or delivery vans. Is rumored that two mayor groups controlled by “The Rabbi” and “The Boss” compete for the criminal control of the city. The Old Industrial Area connects to Northgate to the northwest, Hospital Sector to the north, Backrail Streets to the east, Northumberland to the southeast, Southgate to the southwest, Old Town to the southwest and Upperheadrow to the west.

12807 Grover
Abandoned Refinery
American Chicken Bunker
Eerie Transportation Office
Enami House
Fitzwilliam Carriers
Fitzwilliam Smelter
Fountain Cafe
Fratelli Used Cars
General Sauna Front
Haunted Railroad Strip
International Guild of Laborers
Kelly Magazine Stand
Metal Works
Motherland Security Trucks
Murdock House
Old Fitzwilliam Building
Paddy Pub
Pizza Tower
Railroad Station
Towermayer Transports

Demon Dog
In 2005 a small dog started to appear around Backrail Streets and the Old Industrial Zone stealing drugs from drug users and even drug dealers. People that have seen the dog speak about his red eyes and violent disposition. “He’s stealing it from us to use it on himself, I’m sure he’s an addict! A tiny motherfucking addict!”

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Old Industrial Area

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