Northumberland and Brook Streets
A labyrinth of small alleys and a conglomerate of small business is what make these two streets so different to the rest of the city. A lot of apartment buildings populated by lower middle class and higher lower class citizens many of which are immigrants from different parts of the world, mostly Latin-Americans and middle east people. Northumberland Street, Brook Street and everything between them is considered Northumberland. This area is between the two industry areas, Old Industrial Area to the northwest and New Industry Zone to the southeast, Backrail Streets is northeast, Southgate is located to the west and St Andrews is located to the south.

1889 – Between 1889 and 1894 around 52 people died of a rare respiratory disease that was named “Ching Disease”. The deaths occurred in the areas of Rook and Brook Street. All the people that died were Chinese immigrants that arrived at the same time to American the same year the plague started. This make the government arrive to the assumption that they were the carriers of the disease. They were all members of the Ching and Hsia families.

Alexandria Building
Blair House
Bradley Baskets
Borinken Bakery
Cho Beauty Parlor and Gallery
Cho Dry Cleaning
Cho Restaurant
Ice Plant (abandoned)
Kubiac House
Morris Car Shop
Olympus Building
Rose Tattoo
Scrappy Coco Salon
Stuart House
Wesson Mansion
Willy Coyote

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