The Donatello Family
Don Alberto Donatello was a man famous for been curious, ruthless and opportunist. He was so eager to make money that when he discovered a door to the “Underworld” he made a deal with the devil instead of running away from him. He kept his part of the bargaining: protecting “the secret” of the hellhole’s existence, in return, he will have access to hire demons for himself. He used the demons to steal, protect his goods and even as bartenders. That’s how Old Alberto rolled, he was even eager to deal with the devil for profit.

There is a story about how Donatello’s family started having less and less children after each generation and how this was part of bad luck or a curse. In reality is in the genetics and their dangerous way of life. Many have died in their line of business. Old Alberto Donatello had a special relationship with women and they were always his weak spot. Albertino Donatello had the same for his Jessica Buckley, the main attraction of the Oz Night Club.

Mr. Alberto Donatello was the most known organized mafia don of Eerie of the 1920’s. Many people know that he raised from the lower ranks of the Mafia to the position of Don with a trail of blood and violence. What few people known is that he got help from five women. He called them his five wives, but he wasn’t married to any of them. They worked as his couriers, bouncers and lovers. From left to right: Dorothy “Rothy” Gordon, Mathilda “MadMath” Eastwick, Elizabeth “E-Bomb” Bradley, Alexandra “X-Ray” Eastwick and Shonda “ShoSho” Eastwick.



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