Alexandria 403

Vida Boheme
Vida Boheme’s real name is Virgil Dollard and moved to Eerie on 2004 after some problem on New York that he never talks about. He works at Rose Tattoo and Cho’s Beauty Salon both on Northumberland and has many friends on the area as he is a beautiful person that is always trying to help others.


RUMMOR: Virgil works as a bouncer on some place at the New Industrial Zone and likes to beat people.

SECRET: Lie Cho discovers that Virgil Dollard uses the name James Dalton to work as a bouncer in a place named the Double Deuce at the New Industrial Zone. So, Virgil Dollard is Vida Boheme in daylight, a nice person, and at night is James Dalton a tough abusive bouncer.

Alexandria 403

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