Wesson Block

Wesson Block
St Andrews
These houses are located in front of the place were the John and Mary Wesson house burned. Many have been abandoned years earlier and are commonly used by drug addicts and stray dogs.

Wesson Block 26 – Gordon
Wesson Block 31 – Trumbert
Wesson Block 48 – Marsonek
Wesson Block 68 – Henderson
Wesson Block 76 – Klopek
Wesson Block 79 – Watermelon

Talking Cat
A cat was rescued from the fire at the Wesson’s house on 1996, by a fireman who claimed the he hear a voice that called to him and told him to “rescue only the cat”. The photo was taken by a neighbor and is the only evidence of the case as the Wesson family declared that they had no cat.

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Wesson Block

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