Timeline of Supernatural Events related to Eerie and the World

Timeline of Supernatural Events related to Eerie and the World:

1000 BC in Ancient Egypt, magic has been recorded in the books of history of the supernatural.

1300 AC ’s, when witch burnings increased because of the humans fear of magic that magic using beings began to organize.

1313 AC a group of magic user created a set of rules to govern all wizards, witches, mages, acolytes and even intelligent beings who have spell like abilities and supernatural powers.

1654 – Reverend Albion was born on France on 1654 and he was a close friend of Le Voisin, head of the Diabolists of Paris.

1670 – Reverend Albion traveled to America with a mission to prepare a place for his comrades of the Coveniere that will escape from Europe. The Salem Witch Trials were messy and many witches were lost.

1675 – Reverend James Jonas Albion and the “Religious Colonists” arrived from different parts of the state to Eerie and the population growth turned the small village into a small town overnight. These original settlers and their families built what is known today as “The Old Town”. These people that claimed to be puritans were actually witches in disguise escaping the Salem burnings.

1679 – Reverend Albion discovered many magic places on Eerie and marked them on his map. He wrote to the others and some join them, except Le Voisin. They started to prepare Eerie to prevent the legend of the Dream Army (Tappoem Noatshettepey ) to happen because they didn’t want a new enemy against the Tria Maters.

1681 – A box from Paris was received by Reverend Albion it was sent by Le Voisin before she died. She was accused of been the innovator of modern Satanism and executed a year before. She was the last of the known members of the Coveniere covenant of France. What the box contained was the hand of one of the Tria Matters, Matter Tenebraurum. She sent the hand as a spell focus to be used to resurrect her if she died.

1683 – Albion changed his agenda and learned a lot about the hand becoming immortal and turning into Jareth the Warlock. He was pushing his luck and tempting the inquisitors with his powers. The other members of the Coveniere send him to Kobalos. It was unknown were the hand was hiding.

1700 – The tunnels and caverns under Eerie are discovered.

1757 – The Tria Maters were defeated on Persia by members of the secret order of Dragon Slayers the Knights of the Silver Dragon.

1785 – The followers of the Tria Maters escaped to North America and the Caribbean with different parts of the bodies and went into hiding.

1798 – An Arab Merchant named Abi Asur arrived to Eerie with a beast inside a box. He claimed to have trapped a Ghoul and that he was searching a way to destroy it.

1813 –Shelbyville’s Coven is born as they separated from Eerie’s Coven (Coveniere) and had been enemies since.

1817 – The first recorded sighting of Bessie occurred in 1817, and more sightings have occurred intermittently and in greater frequency. The Lake Eerie Monster is also known as the “South Bay Bessie”.

1853 – Sheriff Rojo arrives to Eerie in search of his mother’s hand. He poses as a good doer but in reality his forcing all the creatures to work for him to find the witch’s hand.

1856 – The Vatteerie and the Paracelsus arrive to Eerie, they start killing underground vermin and building a town under Eerie. They bring with them a french headstone called Le Gargouille and named the place Castlegate.

1957 – A man from Eerie named Mr. Foulder had an encounter with the Eerie Lake Monster in 1957.

1866 – The Preben Bugbears and some goblins arrive to Eerie.

1868 – The Vatteerie and the Paracelsus use resources from the Metal Works industry to increase the area of Eeriertown and increase security. The place is renamed Eeriertown.
A team of dwarves disguise themselves as midgets, start working for Nathaniel Fitzwilliam under the name of “The One and a Half Crew”.

1877 – Another family of witches arrived in 1877, the Eastwicks, They built a house on Bradley Fields and are known locally as healers and herbalists.

1879 – Matilda Fitzwilliam loses her dollhouse collection.
“I was told when I was young that ghouls are married to the prince of blood by a man called Rupert Gordon. He found ghouls laying over him while he was sitting on his dining room holding a smooth stick with a glass ball at the top filled with blood; there was a spike at the top with a demon’s head on it. Its face had cut eyes and it had everything sucked out of it. They sent more men to look at what was happening but they have been found with cut eyes, slit throats, and wrists and everything cut off of them.” – Histories of Eerie, 1879.

1889 – The Royal Occultist Society of England is founded by Sir Charles Wordworth of England to search and retrieve powerful and dangerous magical artifacts.

1895 – The Coveniere received members of the Salem coven in 1895 at Eerie Indiana.

1899 – Jonas Albion becomes The King of Pain.

1900 – William Benjamin Steele is born on Scotland. In his 100 years of living he manages to singlehanded break many records, create many inventions and works of art, become a philanthropist, a explorer, pilot, swordsman, time-traveler, dimensional explorer, super spy, and many more.

1901 – The two covenants become enemies and started a long secret war for the magic of Eerie.
The Kyk-lops arrive to Eeriertown and reorganize it as it is known today.

1911 – Engineer Alfred Doublelittle dies when a hailstone that fell from the sky hit him on the head, his wife Estonia Peterson survives.

1913 – The Eastwicks sisters received some kind of curse sent by the Coveniere that left the three of them completely blind.

1915 – Violet M’Gee, a local adventurer fought the undead aviator the Bloody Baron.

1918 – Andre Toulon visited Eerie and had a secret meeting with the Coveniere.

1921 – The members of the Covenant came into contact with Sheriff Rojo and enchant him with a combination of powers to make him forget his mission and his relation to the Tria Maters.

1931 – Enok “The Axe” Bludgett, a local adventurer dies of a eldritch venereal disease contracted from a succubus. His friend Colonel Balthazar Hacksilver was with him until the end.

1933 – Louis Doublelittle goes underwater at Lake Eerie to find a legendary monster.

1934 – Amy D. Ryad refuses the love of Lawrence Batley because she cannot travel as far as the theater. Had Batley built the theater closer to the Dryad, it could had been a different story…

1935 – Bud Fields claimed that he had fought a Wendigo near Eastwick Manor and that the Wendigo killed his whole family.

1940 – Direct descendants of these ‘religious’ people still live in the city and at least four of them are part of a coven of witches named “Convenire”. Ms. Eucalypta Doublelittle owner of Doublelittle Guest House, Ms. Melissa Peterson owner of the Albion Antique’s and Ms. Casandra Peterson owner of Apothecary’s Pharmacy. Mr. Robert “Bob” Dresden owner of the Curiosities and Oddities Shop is the fourth member.

1942 – Mr. Thomas Bradford found the skeleton of a giant on the construction site for the Crystal Lake Summer Camp on 1942 but the skeleton disappeared overnight.

1953 – A woman that was shopping at Southgate had her head hit by a falling brick of a nearby construction site. She continued moving and her head talking. Members of the Coveniere took the lady home and the incident was seen as a prank.

1955 – Their fifth addition to the group was on the 1950’s with Grandma Fitzwilliam but the Coveniere has been short handed for many years as they need seven members to be in full power.

1959 – The Donald’s Family capture the attention of the media and the authorities that responded with a education program against inbreeding.

1962 – A man named Mr. Matters took a photo at Crystal Lake of a Sasquatch.

1973 – Little Mary Roy and Mary Blair became to exhibit supernatural arcane powers.

1957 – A man from Eerie named Noah Bernier had an encounter with the Eerie Lake Monster in 1975.

1975 – A defrocked missionary named Fred Cushing, whose son Freddy has developed a taste for human flesh while traveling in India, attracted the attention of the people of Eerie. As the son’s mind and body degenerate, Cushing has several young people dispatched and prepared as food for his offspring, whom he keeps locked up in the attic. When the police entered the house, both attacked the officers and were killed in the attack.

1976 – Also in 1976 Stuart Whitman claimed to have stumbled upon a community of ghouls at the edge of Bradford Fields at Eerie, Indiana. He temporarily escapes the creatures with the help of one half-human girl, but he is recaptured when it turns out that the ghouls have representatives inhabiting our normal human world.

1977 – Bradford Fields Cattle Mutations capture the attention of the media.

1979 – Sirrus and Achenar, the sons of Atrus Myst and his wife Catherine were found dead in 1979 at Mist Manor.

1984 – In 1984 a number of homeless people are brutally murdered at Eerie, Indiana. A reporter on the case struggles to figure it all out and winds up in a newly-built cemetery. The group behind the cemetery turns out to be Ghouls and several of them are people the reporter knew. The reporter winds up being eaten alive so that the Ghouls’ secret can be kept. No one knows how this story came to be known if the reporter was killed.

1989 – A giant talking catfish weighing 354 pounds was retrieved by a tourist, Mr. Eleonor on 1989 at Crystal Lake.
A flock of birds intercepted the path of a plane departing from Greensburg-Decatur County Airport.

1994 – A giant snake escaped from the Carnivale at Bradford and is found playing with a baby named Bernie Bradley.

2000 – King Jareth used his knowledge of the Dream Army to create the Dream Warriors and manipulate them into helping he escape from his prison, but the purity of heart of the children was incorruptible and he was defeated.
The “space” of the Dreamscape (plane of dreams) were the people of Eerie dream changes to become Eeriescape.
Mr. Farthwood Fisher daughter wrote a postal to him. Lenka and her husband Michael disappeared six days after the postal was sent.
William Benjamin Steele dies at the exact age of 100 years old at his home, the Eilean Donan castle in Scotland.

2001 – J. Wesson claims to have been captured and tortured in 2001 by two sibling ghouls in the guise of two of his friends who had been killed and consumed by the ghouls. The ghouls mention that they can take the form of the people they have eaten and absorb their memories. Though they usually fed from corpses, the ghouls choose to start killing the living.

2002 – The O.P.I. (Odysseus Paranormal Investigators), a group of detective and scientist that investigate the strangest paranormal cases reported, opens its doors at New York with the faces of three renown celebrities at it’s head: extreme sports Martin Murphy, scientist Lester Church Stalk and British archeologist Abigail Cromwell. The OPI investigate, fight and catalog a long series of strange creatures and occurrences in their two years of service, including a mummy named Amun’alisum, a group of inter-dimensional beings named the Gentlemen, a dragon in the guise of a human named Ronald Edward Donovan, vampires, a coven of evil warlocks, replicants (clones), a nest of giant spiders, a extraterrestrial tree life form trying to conquer Earth, groups of cultists, a demon named Ferlicu and a inter-dimensional trickster named Jareth.

2004 – An entire soccer team dies after being struck by a lighting during a match during a game between Shelbyville and visitors team of Eerie.
A secret Military Branch of the Government and the Hoffman Institute join resources to experiment with a project code named D-G, Dimensional Gate. Different groups of operatives were sent to explore parallel worlds using the device. People from the O.P.I. were used as operatives because of their experience with the supernatural. The project was stopped after one year.

2005 – The last fragment of the Nightmare Tyrant is destroyed.
The Dream Warriors recognize the existence of Eeriescape and their ability to remember when moving from the Dreamscape to the “normal space” of Eerie.
The war between the people that wanted to get their hands on Sir William Benjamin Steele’s fortune comes to an end and his named heirs come to Scotland to live at his castle, Eilein Donan and keep his collection protected from evil forces.

2006 – Mater Lacrymarium awakes and monsters start getting the nightmares, the Dream Army, too. This is the time of the Dream Army to raise and stop the nightmare invasion fighting the Tria Matter’s Messenger.
Eeriertown ghouls become restless and dangerous when the Vial with the Blood of Iblis (Iblis Phial) arrives to Eerie. Judge Telemus opened the Ghoul’s Gates and many escaped to join the ghouls topside. Creatures from other cities in America travel to Eerie escaping bad dreams that haunt them, in what becomes the Great Migration of 2006.
A series of terrorist attacks against different organizations places the world in alert. These attacks are against secrets organizations who fight against supernatural creatures or evil cults. The organizations are decimated by the attacks leaving them in many cases crippled. The organizations affected are Silent Walkers of Japan, Order of the Rosacrusians at Greece, Order of the Freemasons at France, The New Templars at Rome, The Silver Dragons at Turkey, Royal Occultist Society of England at London, Department 7 of the Hoffman Institute at New York and MI-5 at London. The members of the organizations united against the common enemies The Tria Matters and their devil minions and won.
The Fiend named Ose is destroyed and vanished to his Hell realm by the Dream Warriors.
Dean Wesson and Chirs Bradford fought and destroyed around 17 ghouls from the Home-less nest and also Blackhearth who was killed by Dean in a hand to hand combat.
November –
Three werewolves are hunted and killed at Former Judge Reeve Alvin Valkenheiser’s farm on Bradford Fields.
Mr. Roy Sullivan, Jr. with the help of the Dream Warriors was able to destroy the Crawfordsville monster on the Bradford’s Abandoned Airstrip.

2007 –
January -
The Dream Warriors are received in Eeriertown with the invitation of Underlandlord Miracle Max. Kansas D is mad at them because she took 5 years to have access and the D.W. only one.
A Coveniere’s potion that was under the care of the Zock’s Alchemist Shop was stolen and destroyed by unknowns. The D.W. discovered that inside the vial was a small object that can be used to remove the binding that teh Coveniere had over Sheriff Rojo. They also discover that the ones who steal it were Harry and Merv working for the Alexanders and using explosives provided by Boris the Blade. The Dream Warriors and Judge Telemus from Eeriertown are involved and the Alexander’s plot is averted. The Alexander’s fall unto the Coveniere’s Traitors Curse and are left without their money and without their minds. During the investigation three members of the Coveniere (Doublelittle, Dresden and Fitzwilliam) visited Eeriertown for the first time in 60 years.

Donald Darko returns home after dissapearing for months. The body of a deformed man was found dead after he jumped from a building on old industrial area with the body of a man known as dixie. The goverment confiscated both bodies.
2007.07.28 – Unidentified vandal(s) stuck a stick of dynamite on the ornamental Shawnee wall and blew a hole on it. It was later discovered by the Dream Warriors that the damage was done by Jacob Duffort and his group of Shadow Hunters while trying to free the angry ghosts of Ghost Wall Hills. They believed that in doing so, the ghost will attack and kill the descendants of the Founding Fathers (some of them members of the Coveniere). His plan was stopped by the Dream Warriors and Jacob Duffort was killed by a grenade disguised to look like acorn.

Timeline of Supernatural Events related to Eerie and the World

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