St Andrews 34

Grace and Anna
Grace Blair and Anna Bradley are neighbors on St. Andrews that are very good friends. They think that everyone on Eerie needs one of their special “critical assessments”. They attend every special event that happens on Eerie and are members of the Mayor’s Wife group W.A.C.C.O. Both are divorced and had no kids. Grace Blair is cousin of Mary Blair, Jonathan Rose’s mother. Ana Bradley is sister of Bernard Bradley’s father.


Grace Blair’s brother Kev was the father of Kevin Blair, she is cousin to Ryan Blair. She doesn’t like Ryan because he filled Kevin with ideas about the family history.

2009.06.15 – In this night, Grace Blair, Roxane Kubiac, Sam Faraday and Kevin Blair are killed by unknown. Their troaths sliced by some weapon.

2009.06.15 – Sheriff Rojo arrives to the house of Anna Bradley at St. Andrews and finds her and her cousin Bernard Joseph Bradley hiding in coffins in the basement. Been the last Bradford Vampires he kills them in a short battle using wood tipped bullets.

St Andrews 34

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