St Andrews 21

The Morrows
Mr. Carter Morrow is a salesman that works on Upperheadrow and likes to hunt with his family near Crystal Lake on Bradford Fields. His wife Gena and his daughters Sandra, Jeanet and Rebecca hunt too. Carter is brother to Mr. Coley Morrow, a very rich bussinessman that lives on Upperheadrow.


RUMMOR: In the days leading up to Halloween of the year 2000, eleven-year-old Rebecca is terrorized by the other students (like Larry Kubiac) at her school with multiple scary pranks that succeed in causing her to run away crying and vowing revenge. On Halloween day, she goes to a shop and finds a mask that the shop owner does not want to sell her but Rebecca manages to run away with anyway. When she tries on the mask, she has difficulty removing it and her voice unintentionally changes to a hoarse growl.

RUMMOR: Sandra, a former nature camp survivor, is on a vacation with her family in the woods. They encounters several 8-foot-tall (2.4 m) blue furred bear-like creatures with long snouts and beaver-like tails. One of the beasts tag Sandra and tell her that she is now part of a game in which she must tag another player by sunset or else she will be eaten.
2006: July, Shonda Matters asked about her strange encounter on Crystal Lake and Sandra Morrow touched her and said in a soft and eerie voice: “Your it!” The Dream Warriors discovered that the Morrow’s family was under the influence of a giant of legend, the Kukwes. They were hunting for the evil monsters to eat. The D.W. destroyed the magic sack of the giants and the giants died, releasing the family from the charm without knowledge of the last weeks.

St Andrews 21

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