Sports Centre

Sports Centre
St Andrews
The sports centre was built to keep the young out of the street providing a series of alternatives not only related to sports, but also to social and family activities. The facility has a swimming pool with lifeguard duty from 9 to 5, a basketball court that can be converted to tennis or volleyball court, a gym and rooms for civil meetings.

Heads of Animals
Fraternal Order of Vigilance

Morris Buttermaker
Morris Buttermaker, an alcoholic and former minor-league baseball player, is recruited by a city councilman and attorney who filed a lawsuit against an ultra-competitive Southern California Little League which excluded the least skilled athletes (including his son) from playing. In order to settle the lawsuit, the league agrees to add an additional team – the Bears – which is composed of the worst players. Buttermaker becomes the coach of the unlikely team, which includes (among others) a near-sighted pitcher, an overweight catcher, a shortstop with a Napoleon complex, an outfielder who dreams of emulating his idol Hank Aaron, and a motley collection of other “talent.” Shunned by the more competitive teams (and competitive parents), the Bears are the outsiders. They play their opening game, and do not even record an out, giving up 26 runs before Buttermaker forfeits the game.

Noel Putman
Noel is a funny man that everyone likes. He works at the St. Andrews Sport Centre since 1999 and lives on St. Andrews suburbs since he was born. He also works part time as a handyman around St. Andrews Suburbs. He once reported an incident were he said he say a monster wandering around but nobody believes him.

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Sports Centre

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