Railroad Station

Railroad Station
Old Industrial Area
Eerie railway station is a side platformed suburban railway station in the Eerie area of Scotland. The station, which is governed by the Transport Autority and managed by Fitzwilliam’s RailFirst, lies on the Indianapolis Line. It is located south of the Hospital Sector and sits accroos Railroad Road. The station is a few stops journey time from different cities of Indiana. In operation since 1877, it stemmed the losses for an area that was in decline.
In May 2000, the Fitzwilliam’s RailFirst company lost the government contract to administer the station and it is now under full government control.

SECRET: There is a secret door on the main level of the Railroad Station that communicates to the place known as *The Engine. To find the door a secret mechanism on the stations ceiling clock has to be activated first.

A crazy midget that sometimes claims he’s an extraterestrial, a sorcerer’s aprentice, a retired thief-acrobat and spokesman for dental hygiene products. He can be seen around the Bus adn Train stations singing for a few coins. He claims he’s in Eerie trying got rescue a friend.

Mr. & Mrs. Barnaby
Elias and Sophie Barnaby married in 1943 and departed London with the idea of traveling the U.S.A. from East to West coast. They stopped on May 13 at the Eerie Train Station and were delayed three hours because of a problem in one of the engines. They eat in a local restaurant but never arrived to their destination. Their baggage was found waiting for them in platform 7, with the camera that took this photo shortly before they went to walk around Eerie. What really is spooky is that their fingers (all of them) arrived to their house on London three months later.

SECRET: The Dream Warriors discovered that the Doom Hag named Bacamacaka was behind the disapearing of this couple.

The One and a Half Crew
Is 1868 and Mr. Nataniel Fitzwilliam ensemble a group of midgets to work in the lower levels of the new train station and metal yards a progressive machine shop used to repair trains. The midget crew added speed and versatility to the construction workers.

Renier D. Enture
Mr. Enture works as head security officer of the Railroad Station of Eerie located on the Old Industrial Zone. The Security Office responds to the administration that still is under the Fitzwilliam Corporation. He looks like he is a nice man, always smiling, but he could be very nosy and sometimes rude with people. He has all the credentials for his job but still the other security guards don’t like him because many of them weren’t promoted when he was hired to be the chief.

2007.07.29 – Shonda Matters investigated about Renier D. Enture and discovered that he has a solid background, perhaps too solid. The Dream Warriors believe that he knows about Eeriertown or about the secret bellow the Railroad Station and is behind the Lightning Bolt Gear Key and the door it opens.

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Railroad Station

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