Odysseus Paranormal Investigations

Odysseus Paranormal Investigations
North America
United States of America
New York, New York

GM: Mario Agrait Rodríguez
Played: From ? to ?

Campaign Description:
Odysseus Paranormal Investigations or OPI is a private organization founded in ? by athlete Catalina Cruz, Professor Abigail Cromwell and scientist Doctor Emmett Church to study the supernatural. Their main office is located on New York, New York.

The organization grew with many members joining the ranks and providing their own variety of skills and abilities to solve strange cases all around the world.

The organization closed their doors in ? but many of its members continued working for the Hoffman Institute in the secret project known as Hoffman Institute DG-1.

Known Members:
Abigail Cromwell – University History Professor
Catalina Cruz – Olympic athlete
Emmett Church – Scientist

Odysseus Paranormal Investigations

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