The Malcolms
Hal and Lois don’t have the best kept lawn, the cleanest house or the most refined children on the block. But despite being overwhelmed by the daily chaos, at the end of the day Malcolm and his brothers know they are loved. Malcolm’s oldest — and favorite — brother is Francis, who has been sent away to military camp as a disciplinary measure. With Francis gone, Malcolm is left in the middle between the next oldest sibling, Reese — a kid whose fists “work exactly twice as fast as his brain” — and Dewey the youngest, who is “trapped somewhere between toddler and hamster.”


RUMMOR: In a novelty store, Reese finds a metal can labeled “Monster Blood”. The shopkeeper tries to stop the purchase and tells him not to return the item. The can is filled with green slime, which seems to breathe, and eventually grows to enormous amounts.

RUMMOR: Malcolm’s last two Halloweens have been ruined by two kids (his brother Reese and Reese’s friend Lee). The three of them, along with a friend named Walker, go trick-or-treating together and run into two people dressed in costumes with pumpkin heads. After trick-or-treating with them for a while, the two pumpkin-headed people will not allow the others to go home, so the four friends take off their pumpkin heads only to discover that there are no heads beneath them and that the jack o’lanterns are still talking.


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