The Fullers
Adolfo Hiller Fuller and his wife Eva Brown, live in St. Andrews next door to a Jewish couple, Arny and Rosa Goldenstein. Adolfo works from home and Eva works at the clothing section of the Walmart located on Kingsgate Shopping Centre.

SECRET: Mr. Hiller is some kind of Nazi fanatic with an obsession with all things Hitler to a level so high that he dreams he’s Hitler in Eeriescape and has formed a Facist State on St. Andrews.

SECRET: Adolfo is the clone of the Fuher made in 1957 by the New Nazis!!! He has the Fuher memories (plus his own memories since he was ‘reborn’) and is trained to be the new Fuher when the army is completed.

2006: Adolfo Hiller Fuller falls into a coma and can’t wake up.

2007.10.11 – Eva Brown’s bones are found on her house after she didn’t answer the door for three days. She was eaten by some kind of carnivorous creature in the last three weeks. Nightboors claimed to have seen her doing shoping and around the house up to three days before.


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