Fitzwilliam Smelter

The Fitzwilliam’s Smelter
Old Industrial Area
One of the biggest buildings in Eerie used to smelt metal and create the reailroad and train parts during many decades. The smelter technology was behind and didn’t comply with safety and government regulations.
1965 – The Fitzwilliam’s Smelter has to be shut down.

Roko and Butch
Ronald “Roko” Klump used to do street fights until Marv left him for dead in a match. Now he has a little “brrrain daamagie on the siaide” and works as muscle for low level thugs. Bernard “Butch”Thumb did a few jobs for the Roque Group and now is just tagging alone with Roko in search of “bones to break for the right price”. They hang around places in the Old Industrial Zone.

SECRET: Roko and Butch are both bugbears.

2006-By orders of Judge Telemus Roko and Butch started working on the Smelter to pay a debt they have with Eeriertown.

Gas Mask Wedding
A wedding conducted on the Metal Works Smelter during the dangerous sulfurous gas escapes of 1938 was conducted with every member using gas masks. The happy couple were Mr. Partelli and his wife.

Anton Vanko, a russian genius who defected to the United States to collaborate with the design of nuclear reactors, worked on Eerie for a while between 1949 and 1951. He build this strange looking incinerator for Mr. Fitzwilliams. The incinerator can reach very high tempreatures and is located in a forgoten part of the Old Industry Area.

SECRET: The incinerator is still in use today to dispose of “undesirable remains of undefined nature” by operatives from Eeriertown. Two secret shafts are located near the incinerator and one is used to throw “food” for the ghouls below and the other to throw down small tokens for the goblins like clothes, watches and pocket change.

2009.05 – Two tons of lead were stolen from the Fitzwillian Smelter. “They disappear before my eyes” claimed the only witness.

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Fitzwilliam Smelter

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