Fitzwilliam Carriers

Fitzwilliam Carriers
Old Industrial Area
This building is closed since the late 1963 when the company went out of bussiness. Young Israel Towermayer and his friend Jeffry Motherland become partners in a join venture and created a company named “T&M Trucking”. Their perseverance makes them number one in no time, displacing the Fitzwilliam’s in mere months.

“Drove trucks for 20 years, first for the Fitzwilliams Carriers, then for T&M Trucking, then for Towermayer Transports, and even for Motherland Security Trucks. I drove them all! There is something fishy in the way F.C. was torn down by Towermayer and Motherland. And they were friends and partners first and then they are the worst enemies… Something fishy I tell you!” -Saul Kubiac, retired truck driver.

Large Marge
Margaret Alice Nunn was a known truck driver that used to work for Fitzwilliam Carriers many years ago. She died in a creepy and horrific truck accident along that stretch of road that connects the Old Industrial Area with Bradford Fields. Her face was mutilated into a hideously shape. From time to time, in the anniversary of her dead, people tell tales about Large Maggie driving her truck alongside the same route and picking up hitchhikers just to scare them.

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Fitzwilliam Carriers

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