The Enamis
Francisco Ali Enami Juarez a half Arab half Mexican half Jew immigrant arrived to Eerie via train on 1967 with his family of five. His wife Myrtha Legrand, and his sons Che, Paul, Javvy and Gio adapted to living in the United States and learned about their new life easily adding to their multi cultural heritage all the different ethnic groups they meet in the city. They are easy going people but difficult to understand as they have a tendency to mix and match slang with cultural references and social ineptitudes. They are a bunch of weird cultural geeks that live in the same three floor building on Old Industry Zone.

Che is the smallest and oldest of the four. He lives in the basement and works as a messenger between different offices and factories of Eerie. He goes on a small and old blue motorbike around the city.

Paul is the brother that lives in the first floor and takes care of his aged mother Myrtha. She is considered a gipsy by the neighbors. He works at the Metal Works Industry.

Javvy married Elaine and moved to the second floor. He works at the Government Building on Old Town.

Gio lives in the third floor and works as a computer technician. He works at home and has the place full of old computers, mother boards, monitors and printers.


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