Two Queens and a King

The King and the two Queens
The southwest corner of the city of Eerie is home to three mayor points of interest, first the Queensgate University founded in 1913 and one of the best universities of the state of Indiana. Inside the university grounds there are many facilities, like dorms, a small emergency building and a school for the offspring of the staff and students. The Kingsgate Shopping Centre takes a great portion of the area been one of the biggest shopping center in the Rush County and has a variety of stores of known brands and is visited by many people daily. Is a complete mall with cinema, food court and a parking lot with 650 spaces. Queensend Gardens is home some of the richest families on Eerie. It was built in 1950 and has a series of beautiful mansions and facilities with good security and privacy. Lawrence Batley Theater was built in 1934 by Lawrence Batley a New York philanthropist that visited Eerie the year before and fell in love with Ms. Amy D. Ryad. She never returned the affection and he left the city after she refused to visit the theater because she was taking care of her garden. Two Queens and a King connects to Chapel Hills to the northwest, Old Town to the north, Southgate to the northeast and St Andrews to the southeast.

Dreammaker Mansion
Kinsgate Shopping Centre
Lawrence Batley Theater
Museum of Science and Technology
Queensgate University
_ Samantha Byran Tree
Queensend Gardens
_ Queensend Gardens Zoo
_ Stepford Street
Thirteen Building
University Apartments

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1877 – A woman named Samantha Byram protested against the expansion of the city near his house in the middle of a small forest on Queensgate. She was accused of witchcraft and hanged by the neck by a group of citizens. The next day, the body cannot be found. The legend says that she turned into a tree and that she curses people that had done bad things to nature.
1881 – Opened in 1881 this club is still working as a anti-superstition club of wealthy people unafraid of making their own luck. The one in King Street is the last of these clubs that is still open in E.U. This club made in the 13th floor of a 15 floor building that was built in 1831.
1899 – Nicolas Tesla visited the city and stayed in the zone of Queensgate for two months.
1913 – In the year 1913, the Queensgate University was founded with money from various government funds obtained by the first dean Doctor Gerald Zetland. The place, formerly known as Old Byran’s Grounds was famous for the legend of Samantha Byran, the last of Eerie’s accused “witches”.
1918 – Doctors William Steele, Itohiro Nakami and Thomas Hoffman visit Eerie and conducted a series of experiments in the area of Queengate and Queenssend.
1991 – Sony Corporation establishes ESPER lab in Eerie’s Queensgate University where scientists study psychic phenomena, UFO’s and the paranormal.
2006 – Two Queens and a King has had an escalating crime problem in the last ten years. Which is not to say that there is more crime, but instead that scandals that might previously have been covered up have been going uncovered: rapes committed by campus athletes, high-quality (and high-cost) drugs flowing like water, and a local police force that seems to be at the beck and call of Queensend Gardens’s richest families.

Two Queens and a King

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