Main Page

Main Page
The current campaign date is July, 2009.
Families of Eerie – families, power groups and other organizations.
Character Tab – a link to the CHAR tab (located in the menu to the left).

Eerie Places – The city of Eerie and all its normal places as we know it
Outside Places – What is outside of Eerie? What is near Eerie? The rest of The World.
Under Places – What lies beneath the surface.
Outer Places – Places on the Outer Planes, other dimensions, realities and …

Supernatural – Rules for the supernatural, magic, incantations,
Critters – Things that go bump in the night. Also, the hidden races that live in Eerie.
Things – Magic Items, Artifacts, Tomes and Cursed Items.

Forum – Read this entry before proceeding to the forum.

Main Page

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