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  • Eloise Fitzwilliam

    Granma Fitzwilliam, Eloise, is a known philanthropist around the city. Morgan discovered in his grandmother’s papers that her maiden name is Eastwick and that she changed it when she married the late Benjamin Fitzwilliam I. She lives at Two Queens and a …

  • Benjamin Fitzwilliam

    Benjamin Fitzwilliam III is the good hearted and absent minded (but financial genious) heir of the Fitzwilliam heritage, owner of the Metal Works industry on the Old Industrial Area of Eerie. He is the son of Benjamin Fitzwilliam II and Eloise Fitzwilliam …

  • Miranda Hawthorn

    Miranda Hawthorn is the wife of Benjamin Fitzwilliam III. She has a son named Morgan and a daughter named (????). She is a woman that is very used to her position and the riches of the Fitzwilliams and doesn't want to change her way of living.

  • Morgan Fitzwilliam

    Character Sheet: Hola, mi nombre es Morgan Alan Fitzwilliam y vivo en Eerie, Indiana. Mi familia a vivido durante muchos a~os en este pueblo pero en realidad no conozco mucho de el. Mi familia esta compuesta por mi padre Benjamin Fitzwilliam, …