Louis Cyphre


Mr. Louis Cyphre
Louis Cyphre came to Eerie in June 6 of 2006 searching for a wash out detective named Harry Angel and a popular big band crooner who was severely injured in the Gulf War and hospitalized with profound neurological trauma named Johnny Favorite. Cyphre has discovered that the hospital may have falsified Favorite’s records and that Angel could also be working around Eerie and wants to find out what happened, as both of them owed a debt to Cyphre.

Rumor: As we dig deeper into Mr. Cyphre, it is discovered that he is delving into a world of voodoo and Satanism and could have been involved in the dead of a New Orleans girl named Epiphany Proudfoot (the beautiful 17-year-old daughter of a deceased voodoo priestess) and Favorite’s own daughter.


Louis Cyphre

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