Kenneth McGee


Kenneth McGee AKA Pockets McGee
A young man who seems to hang out in alleys, on rooftops and in the local bars and taverns. He’s always wearing dark grey windbreaker with many pockets and some dark grey cargo pants and a dark grey fitted baseball hat. He often approaches interesting or adventurous looking characters and offers them a business card. The business card says “Gravity Kills” on the front and Pockets on the back with a phone number below it. He makes his money by getting things for others. He always delivers and is always on time.

SECRET: Kenneth is out to provide items for those who can afford them. His goal in life is to outsell his father’s business (His dad owns a Magik Shop). He of course can’t make any of these items. He just takes an order and then goes around to all of his father’s competition and finds someone who’ll sell it to him and then he gets it into the hands of his buyers. The first order he pays for but after that he only accepts payment up front. (If you have Pockets for a contact he gets equipment with a P_DC of 20 or less, but he can get it in half the normal time. Once per adventure.)

SECRET: Pockets is a magic Dealer – A dealer is the contact that sells the gear the character needs. The dealer has the capacity to find gear of up to a Purchase DC of the contact’s skill plus 20. Magic Dealer (magic items, magic tomes, etc.). As a bonus the dealer can find items in half the normal time with a increased cost of +3.

Violet M’Gee
Stenography school dropout, turned adventuress. She’s pictured here in 1915, with her legendary pistols—magical items supposedly made by an ancient forge god she and her companions discovered trapped in a bricked-up sub-basement in Eerie. She spent two months in a sanatarium suffering from the psychic backlash of firing a bullet made from the materia of the Outer Dark at the dread lich aviator, the Bloody Baron.

SECRET: The specific legendary pistols are the Argonauts, made by the Kik-lops on Eeriertown.


Kenneth McGee

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