Jose Rae



The “Poresosmundos”
“Así lo quería ver…. Siiiiiiiiiii….”
José Rae is a spaniard low-end criminal that is around the shadowy elements of Eerie. He proclaims himself as been a cold blooded killer and always carry a big knife used to intimidate others. He lives in China Wall Room 501 on the China Wall Apartments.


2007, January: Boris the Blade was payed for killing Harry and Merv and used hired muscle from Backrail Street including The Fat Man and the Little Boy, Beck and The “Poresosmundos”. The D.W. brough them to justice in B.B.’s Bar.

2007, January: The Poresosmundos was arrested by the police after a 911 call was received. He was found with a dead body in the trunk of his card on Backrail Streets.


Jose Rae

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