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John Evehema
I was in the back of the car just talking and talking like always and poor Edmond having no choice, had to listen to my constant jammering. I was going on about Hogwarts and magic and how fantastic it would be to live in a world like that. I asked Ed: " Ed, you’re half indian, did your people have witch doctors?" His answer was a hard look through the rearview mirror. I stopped. Shit! I just did it again, just saying things the wrong way, I need a “mind filter”. We drove for awhile in silence until Edmond asked me a question: “Boy Morgan, would you mind if we make a stop before going to the mansion?”. " It’s ok Ed."

We were driving through what I guess is the shitty part of town until we came to a stop in front of a trailer.
“Where are we, Edmond?”
" Bradford"
We were in front of the trailer which looked very old but very well taken care of. Just by looking at the outside of the trailer you could tell an indian, sorry, a native american, lives here. It had all kinds of native artifacts most of which I didn’t recognize at all and I have seen Ed’s room.
“Who lives here Ed?”
“A very good friend of mine I want you to meet.”
A very old man came out of the trailer. “Morgan this is Chief John Evehema, he’s the spiritual leader of my father’s tribe.” They greeted each other warmly and Ed introduced me to Chief John.
We spent hours there and yet it felt like we just got there. Chief John told us stories and leyends from his tribe, I learned about Moneto, a supreme being who ruled the entire universe. He spoke to me about The Great Spirit of the Shawnee who was a grandmother who ruled the destinies of her grandchildren. I thought about my gradmother and understood perfectly. He told us the “Golden Rule” of the Shawnee:
“Do not kill or injure your neighbor for it is not him that you injure, you injure yourself. But do good to him therefore add to his happiness as you add to your own. Do not wrong or hate your neighbor for it is not him that you wrong, you wrong yourself. But love him, for Moneto loves him as He loves you.”
We spoke a litttle more until it was time to get home. On the way back I asked Edmond why he took me to meet Chief John.
“Boy Morgan you’re a good boy with a good heart. But you need to open your eyes more, get a litlle further away from your comfort zone, there’s a lot more out there than magic and castles and you have to learn to prepare yourself for what’s awaiting you, all of us, in this world. Chief John is a very wise man,a medicine man, a snake priest, and Kachina Father. As you learn you will understand more of how different the world really is.”
The way back was very quiet. Edmond left me in front of the house. But before I got out I knew I had something to say
“Yes, sir?”
“I’m sorry.”
“I know sir, thank you sir.”

This is my third contact, Chief John.

[GM] Chief John lives on the edge of Trucker’s Triangle on Bradford Fields.

2005: An almost 80 years old Chief John had a hunting accident with a bear trap near his cabin on Crystal Lake and is admited in the Intensive Unit of the Angel of Mercy Hospital. His son and daughter wanted to place him in a nursing home if he survives and keep him outside of Shawnee politics and wildlife. He is awaken by his nephew Edmund when a gift from a group of young friends send him a gift.

Chief John Evehema’s Silver Tipped Axe actually belonged to Isoveliko Theophrastus a gnome also known as Match-Attawaka to the Shawnee. He was a shadow hunter and tracker who had many adventures with Chief John. Isoveliko returned to Chief John’s Grandaughter Irene his family Bow:

Chief John Evehema
Chief John lives in Bradford Fields, specifically on Truckers Triangle on a trailer that he owns on TT Lot 09. He’s a very old man living in a trailer always surrounded of small cages with little animals like raccoons and rabbits. He sells skins and leather to stores on the city.


Specific information about Chief John can be found at [CHAR] The Shawnee.

2005: Chief John died.


John Evehema

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