John Belusky


AKA Samurai Futaba
John Belusky was a normal guy who worked in construction at the Old Industrial Area. One day a half a ton block of cement hit him in the head. Since them he believes he is a 17th Century Japanese Samurai — he had a dedicated concept of honor, spoke only Japanese, and wielded a katana. He has tried to adjust to his new life working in different places that are typically inappropriate for a samurai, yet he performed his tasks perfectly, despite scaring his clients quite a few times. He has worked at the following places all around Eerie:

As a bellboy on Calhoun’s Motel Hello where he duel with other bellboys over who has to carry a guest’s bags. The other bellboy smashes the front desk with his sword; The Samurai says, “I can dig where you’re coming from,” the only words he has ever spoken in English. At Borinken Bakery Delicatessen the Samurai makes a sandwich by severing ropes on hanging salami, slicing tomatoes in midair, and splitting bread with his skull. As the Governor Suits’ tailor a customer needs a tuxedo for a wedding, the Samurai makes one for him with a katana. He worked “Samurai TV Repairman” (The Samurai tosses a TV set around, hits it with his sword, plunges two knives into the top grill, and the picture turns out perfect. ), and “Samurai Bakery” at Cadillac Jacks, the client picks up a pre-ordered wedding cake, only to find it not boxed. The Samurai tosses the cake in the air, and slices it to pieces as it drops behind the counter, only to pick up neatly packaged, string-tied pink boxes, which he hands to the client. He also worked as a “Samurai Hit Man” and a “Samurai Dry Cleaners”.

John Belusky on his Samurai Futaba even convinced Dean Hawthorn that he is qualified to graduate from college so he can get degrees to work as “Samurai Psychiatrist”, at Old Town’s Night Divorce Court, as the Angel of Mercy Hospital as a Emergency Doctor, as a stockbroker on On the Roque group and as a “Samurai Optometrist”. He even participated of the following musicals at the Lawrence Batley Theatre: “Samurai Night Fever”, February 25, 1987, “The Purple Lagoon” and the musical “Rollo”.


John Belusky

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