Joe Mearguillo

Joe Junker


Joe “Junker” Mearguilo
Mr. Joe moves junk around the city with his old truck marked in graffiti in two different languages “I rent my services.” HE’s always in trouble with the urban authorities for having the wrong permit or no permit for the work his doing. For the right price (usually a very low one) he moves junk to a junkyard in Bradford Fields. Joe likes to gamble and will use every possible opportunity to do so. Joe Junker is not a nice person, and is capable of placing people in danger, even children. He picks things from the garbage of other people and fixes old cars to use them in his work.

In October 2000, Joe Junker is arrested under charges of arson, first degree murder of the Eastwick Sisters and kidnapping of 15 children for different parts of Eerie. He’s found guilty and sentenced to serve to consecutive sentences of 100 years on Shelbyville County Prison.

SECRET: Joe Junker knows about Queen Noemia (Noemi D. Ryad) and about the Dream Warriors. He expressed his discontent about the “brats that let lose all those goblins through my city”. He respects Queen Noemia and has some type of power to hide in plain sight. The goblins called Joe Junker “The Repoman”.

Sheriff Rojo speaks of Joe Junker as “nothing more than a trash collector that picked up and disposed of the monsters I kill”.

2006 People at Bradford Fields spotted Joe Junker’s truck in the late January. The truck was recovered from the hands of a farmer by the Dream Warriors and they confiscated by Sheriff Rojo.


Joe Mearguillo

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