Jason Taylor Hunt

Shadow Hunter


Jason Taylor Hunt
“Evil is here. My job is to make that go away.” Jason Hunt is a very strong hero dedicated to erase all evil from his world. They belong in some world far from here. As a child Jason wasn’t the best in school and despite his strength he could never get the knack for sports so he was always at odds with everything, But one day during junior high he witnessed an act of evil that he refuses to talk about but from then on those that knew him could tell that he was determined to take what ever Isn’t natural to this world and destroy it. Since then he has met up with other shadow hunters and together they have formed what they call Shadow’s Bane. He lives with Samuel Feardeath in a small cottage called Bane Cottage at Chapel Hills.

2007.06.13 – Two men enter the General Hematology Observation University Lab, attack a lab assistant named Vincenzo and steals a canister containing one of the labs experiments and is found death outside the lab. The dead man is identified as Jason Taylor Hunt the second man remains unidentified. The canister and its contents are destroyed.


Jason Taylor Hunt

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