Jacob Duffort

Truck Driver


Jacob Duffort
Mr. Jacob Duffort is a truck driver that travels East of Eerie and up to Canada. He’s from Toronto and speaks with a tick French accent. He knows the area of Bradford Fields and has some friends there like Mr. Frank Chroner. He has stayed to sleep more than one night at Eerie at the Backrail Motel.

2006: May, the central headquarters of the KotSD was destroyed by cultists followers of the Tria Maters. The organization left many different cells unconnected but working independent from the late leader named Wymm.

2006: November, Jacob follows a pack of werewolves into Eerie. He asks for a permit for hunting the monsters to Judge Telemus on Eeriertown which is issued. The disposal of the corpses is done by Eeriertown’s Cleaning Crew. The werewolves were killed at Reeve Alvin Valkenheiser Farm, Valkenvania.

2007.07.28 – Unidentified vandal(s) stuck a stick of dynamite on the ornamental Shawnee wall and blew a hole on it. It was later discovered by the Dream Warriors that the damage was done by Jacob Duffort and his group of Shadow Hunters while trying to free the angry ghosts of Ghost Wall Hills. They believed that in doing so, the ghost will attack and kill the descendants of the Founding Fathers (some of them members of the Coveniere). His plan was stopped by the Dream Warriors and Jacob Duffort was killed by a grenade disguised to look like acorn.

SECRET: Jacob is a Shadow Slayer member of the secret organization known to a few as the “Knights of the Silver Dragon”. His cell’s code name Wendigo Slayers and they work in the south of Canada and north of the United States area.


Jacob Duffort

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