Ivan Vanko

Electronics Dealer


Ivan Vanko
Vanko is a disgruntled Russian physicist and Bratva member. He is the son of Anton Vanko, who defected to the United States to collaborate with the design of nuclear reactors. His father was deported back to the Soviet Union, and forced to live in exile. After Anton’s dead, Ivan came to America in search of wealth and fame. He has a criminal history on Russia for selling weapons to terrorists from Afghanistan. Ivan lives and works on PharmMax and reports directly to Mr. Upson Pratt.


SECRET: Mr. Vanko is an Electronics Dealer – A dealer is the contact that sells the gear the character needs. The dealer has the capacity to find gear of up to a Purchase DC of the contact’s skill plus 20. As a bonus the dealer can find items in half the normal time with a increased cost of +3. Vanko can find computers, programs, surveillance equipment, electronics and related gadgets.


Ivan Vanko

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