Isaac Maulder

FBI agent


Isaac Maulder
Agent Maulder is an FBI agent. Maulder’s peers consider his theories on extraterrestrial activity as spooky and far-fetched. He also has a photographic memory and is red-green colorblind. With different FBI partners, he works in the X-Files office, which is concerned with cases with particularly mysterious or possibly paranormal circumstances that were left unsolved and shelved by the FBI.

2009.06.24 – Agent Isaac Maulder from the FBI has started his investigation about the lab accident of 1994 with a lot of interviews and visits. He is given an old office at the university campus to conduct his investigation. Is known that he is here only to check some facts but he is taken the liberty of doing a lot of digging… and made a lot of people mad.
*He visited the original lab on the basement of Queensgate University. In present times part of the original lab is used by the General Hematology Observation University Lab (@Two Queens and a King).
*Arthur Partelli is asked about the work done by his father Proff. Arthur Partelli in that project and to deliver any material that his father took with him before the project was shut down.
*The Faraday family are asked to deliver all material that Dr. Walter Faraday took with him. Because Dr. Faraday is in a mental hospital, his family believed Agent Maulder will leave him alone, but he didn’t, he visited Walter at the hospital.
*Marshall Matters II is the one he visited more, making the poor man a nervous wreck (more than he usually is). Marshall has started to visit a doctor after he had a nervous breakdown in the middle of an interview.


Isaac Maulder

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