Irene Tepahtoawa


Irene Tepahtoawa
Chapel Hills
Dedicated:4/Field Medic:4(8)
Her name translate from Shawnee to “Believe” and was a given name by his grandfather Chief John of Eerie. She has learned a lot about dreams and their meanings, a subject that both fascinates and scares her. Her parents Iowa and Melinda, left Eerie before she was born and moved to Indianapolis to seek jobs and get married. They got apart from the Shawnee tradition but let Irene choose for herself. Her grandfather told her about the legend of the Tappoem Noatshettepey (Dream Army) and how they will protect the people in times of need. She wants to believe in all her family traditions but sometimes has to catalog some of them as superstitions. She really wants to believe.

2007.07.29 – Irene’s small brother of only 13 months of age, Joseph, is kidnaped by Jacob Duffort in order to sacrifice him and desecrate the ancient Shawnee cemetery located on Ghost Wall Hill. Irene and the Dream Warrior stop the ritual on time and saved the baby. Arnold Morrow ran with the baby in his arms away from the danger.

2009.06.01 (Monday) After two years separated the Thirteen Dream Warriors are going to get together at last. Some went outside Eerie to study on universities located on other states, and a few of them went to other countries to learn a profession.
For those who stayed… things began to turn into a different kind of weird. On January 2009 Bernard Bradley, Arnold Morrow, Chloe Kubiac, Larry Kubiac, Claire Bernier, Dean Wesson, and Irene Tepahtoawa had to fight a serial killer that calls himself The Zodiac that wanted to kill Claire Bernier and had plans to kill other citizens of Eeriertown. The unidentified man was placed in a coma and is now on the Coma Ward of the Angel of Mercy Hospital.
Irene Tepahtoawa started taking classes on psychology and medicine on Queensgate University. She studied about lucid dreaming and REM sleep and used that new found knowledge to give herself suggestions until she was able to “wake up” inside the Dreamscape and remember that were she was. (She didn’t gain the + 4 bonus for been a dream warrior but remembers that she is dreaming and can act like it).

2009.06 Match-Attawaka trades the Shawnee Holly Bow for his old Silver Tipped Axe. Morgan Fitzwillian gives Irene Tepahtoawa her grandfather’s bow back.


Irene Tepahtoawa

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