Helena Bonham

"What is immortality?"


Helena Bonham
“What is immortality, but the need to be remembered? We throw around terms like “family” and “love” when it comes to procreation, when in fact all we’re doing is perpetuating the species and generating instant immortality through our genes. We’re so selfish as to expect the next generation to love us and fear us, so that they feel in turn compelled to continue the line, the patriarchal ideal of uninterrupted progeny."

Helena Carter was married to Johan Bonham for twenty years before he died of a heart attack. Now she lives alone in a big house, Bonham House, that is slowly been overrun by plants and vermin located on Chapel Hills.

SECRET: Helena is a member of the New Nazis the Three Sevens. She had the position of is an expert torturer and Administrative Head on the past, now she works guarding the secret labs and facilities under her house. Under the decaying facade, the house hides surveillance top of the line equipment and weapons.

2006: Helena died in the explosion of Green Castle.


Helena Bonham

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