Harry Winter



Harry Winter and his friend Merv Thumb are two small time thieves that live on Backrail Streets. They once called themselves “The Wet Thieves” and later “the Sticky Thieves” but whatever is the name, they are two losers. They have done jail time a few times before and now are working doing low end jobs for Mr. Donatello. They live on China Wall Room 410 of the China Wall Apartments.


SECRET: Harry Winter and Marv Thumb, two low end thieves from Backrail Streets are wererats.

2007, January: A Coveniere’s potion that was under the care of the Zock’s Alchemist Shop was stolen and destroyed by unknowns. The D.W. discovered that inside the vial was a small object that can be used to remove the binding that the Coveniere had over Sheriff Rojo. They also discover that the ones who steal it were Harry and Merv working for the Alexanders and using explosives provided by Boris the Blade. They captured them and brought them to justice at B.B.’s Bar were they exposed them as the culprits behind the explosion.


Harry Winter

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