George Creed


George “Hannibal” Creed
A thin, balding man in his forties, George is blessed with a beautiful wife, and two wonderful children. Unfortunately, this psychiatrist has been having nightmares lately, ever since one of his regulars, a man struggling to quit smoking and deal with a bad breakup, lashed out violently and bit him. The nightmares are all the same – murky, hazy, and brutal. While he writes them off as simple emotional trauma, he knows that something’s amiss whenever he reads about another missing person in his city…

RUMOR: Creed is a mess. His family and colleagues all know something is awry, but he won’t talk about it. Slowly losing his morals, George will happily write out prescriptions for cash. He’s also desperately seeking answers – what’s happened to him? And why? Or is it all in his head?

SECRET: Dr. Creed was infected by a ghoul and turned into one. He killed and ate the decomposing bodies of his wife, children, nurse and a patient.

2006: August, Dr. Creed was killed by the Dream Warriors. The New Nazis destroyed the evidence.


George Creed

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