Frank Chroner



Frank Chroner
A farmer on Bardford Fields who’s wife Elaine died on 2004. He was charged for beating his wife on 2003. He told the Sheriff that a group of “weird wild coyotes” attacked her wife and she died of the wounds. He also told his neighbor that he saw his wife after she died. Frank is a very religious man that also drinks a lot. His son’s name is Isaac Chroner.


2005: Frank narrates his encounter with bigfoot near Crystal Lake: “The small fire at our feet makes it hard to see. Whatever is out there sounds like a bear moving through trees. A rotting stench hits my nostrils. A creature breaches the fog bearing straight towards you. Even hunched it stands well over 7 feet tall. It lopes with an awkward stride and terrible speed, the large powerful arms drag the ground, ending with vicious claws. It’s nose long, mouthfull of jagged teeth.”

2006: Frank discovered Joe Junker’s truck near Black Sage House and repaired it. He didn’t told the police, just switched the license plate for the one on his own truck that was damaged. The truck was recovered by the Dream Warriors and then confiscated by Sheriff Rojo.

2006: November, Frank is killed by a wild beast near Black Sage House.


Frank Chroner

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