Daniel Anthony Torrance



Danny “Doc” Torrance
Hospital Sector
Angel of Mercy Hospital
“You shine on, boy. Harder than anyone I ever met in my life. And I’m sixty years old this January.” –Dick Halloran

As a child, Daniel Anthony Torrance was prone to lapse into near catatonic states. Danny would also occasionally take on the personality of his imaginary friend, Tony. He claimed that Tony was a little boy that lived in his mouth and that he often told him things. Although these episodes worried his parents, doctors claimed that Danny was a perfectly healthy boy. Danny, or “Doc”, as his parents called him, was five years old and living in Eerie, Indiana when his father, Jack Torrance, a failing playwright, itinerant teacher, and recovering alcoholic, took a job as winter caretaker of The Overlook Hotel. It was at the Overlook, a resort located in the Mountains south of Eerie, that Danny first learned of his psychic abilities. The Overlook’s head Chef, Dick Matters, immediately recognized Danny’s gifts and told him about his “Shine”. Dick explained that some places can shine like people, and that the Overlook was one of those places, that something bad happened there and left some sort of trace behind. Dick told Danny that the hotel would try to show him things, but it couldn’t really hurt him. he warned Danny however not to go into Room 237. It was a long a treacherous winter. The hotel did show Danny things and it fed on Danny’s pyschic energy and grew stronger. It wanted Danny for it’s own and eventually lured him into Room 237. At the same time, the Hotel was showing Jack Torrence things and slowly driving him mad. Jack eventually went into a psychotic rage, attempting to murder both Danny and his mother. Danny, with some help from Tony and Dick, managed to escape his father and the Overlook. Jack also managed to foil the Overlooks plans by purposely neglecting to tend the boiler allowing it explode, destroying hotel and himself in the process. Danny eventually came to understand his “Shine” and the manifestation this confusing part of his psyche with the persona of Tony. Danny is now a psychologist, who specializes in helping children who have experienced severely traumatic events. Since 2005 he works at the Angel of Mercy Psychiatric Wing were his sick mother is now a permanent resident.

[GM: THE hotel were this happened is a location on Eerie (north of eerie I beleive) that could be linked to this profile.]


Daniel Anthony Torrance

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