Claire Bernier


Claire Bernier
Claire is the daughter of Noah and Sandra Bernier she has a brother named Noah Jr.

“Poor girl. There’s so much about yourself you don’t even understand. Your brain is not like the others, Claire. You are not like the others. You’re different. You’re special. I couldn’t kill you even if I wanted to. You can never die.”

Anyone you ask (aside from her brother Lyle) would be happy to assert that Claire Bennet is a friendly person. She’s easy to get along with, she’s nice, she’s more willing to help people out. In fact, helping people out happens to be one of Claire’s favorite things to do. Partially because she really wants to help, but also partially because she likes feeling useful and productive. She’s polite, she minds her manners, she was raised in a good, Christian home with good, Christian values. She’s witty, she’s intelligent, she’s engaging, she’s loyal to a fault. Claire is, by anybody’s definition, a refreshingly normal, exciting, likable girl.

SECRET: Claire (Clarita) was one of the original Dream Warriors trained by King Jareth to battle the Nightmare Tyrant back in 2000.

RUMMOR: Claire likes tormenting her younger brother, but ends up getting in trouble. She then decide to go to the library and borrows a book. The next day, when she returns her book, the librarian is acting strange. She decides to go to the library later in the day, and finds out the librarian is—a MONSTER!
When confronted by Shonda Matters Claire Bernier told her: “Ms. Angelica Card, the librarian, was eating from a jar, and when I got closer, she was eating bugs!”

In 2005 Claire joins the Cheerleader squad of the Edgar Allan Poe School team “The BlackCats”.

2007.05.24 – Claire Benett is going to the prom with her current boyfriend Theo Crosby @ Old Town. She is one of the Dream Warriors and she has learned from them how to become a real hero. She still is in bad terms with her childhood friend Stella Faraday.
As always, the new girl at the school just became the mayor attraction. Her name is Collina and she comes here looking for trouble. She has only been here less than a semester and she is already caused a lot of commotion. She lives at Upperheadrow.

Claire Bernier

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