Buddy Love


Buddy Love
Buddy is an elusive man and a legend in his own might. He likes to surround himself of vice and sin. He smokes cigars like a chimney, drinks like a thirsty camel and dances like a maniac. He loves sex more than anything and prefers women but has tried anything in the bad book of sex. If he wasn’t a man that is always in hiding, there could be internet pages devoted to him alone.

Buddy presence on the night live of Eerie before 1995 was a blast. But since then he has been travelling and returning once a year to have a few days of debauchery in Eerie and leave again. He’s everybody’s buddy…

The night is a crazy night. Buddy drinks, dances and uses drugs like if the world was go to end at sunrise. He makes Shonda do the same with him. He is a very convincing man. Shonda is no fool and has just been cleared from rehab. She makes Buddy believe that she is taking the drugs but is really throwing it away.
-You an I, Shondie are so alike! Woo!!

Moving from night club to night club from bar to bar and even stopping to buy drugs on a corner and whiskey on a gas station. Buddy’s convertible is a beautiful red one. Shonda starts to feel that they have been doing this for a week. A week were all the time is night time.
-Let’s dance again! This is my song! This is our night, Shondie!

Somehow Shonda is now looking at the lights of the street. They look so pretty. She feels like someone is opening her blouse.
-I want you to tell daddy that he cannot command me to stay away from his family.

Shonda feels a hand under her dress touching her, she moves her arms and legs and pushes Buddy away. She is under the effect of the alcohol and something else…. Buddy drugged her.
-Is just a little something I placed on your drink to spice things up, baby.

Buddy has his shirt open and is moving again over her in the back of the convertible. They are in some empty lot… Shonda knows this place… is between Backrail Streets and Northumberland. They use to play here. Buddy is taking her panties.
-I am what your father hates about h…

Shonda kicks Buddy in the balls. She moves our of the car. She falls to one side. She has no balance. Her increased constitution allows her to react and move but a little slow. Buddy is in the floor but he will get up in a few seconds. Shonda runs.

Shonda arrives at the Kubiac’s apartment on Northumberland. She is crying. Chloe takes her in.


Buddy Love

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