Bob Lewis

Bar Owner


Bob Lewis
Lewis has a microbrewery operation that produces a local brew called “Buzz Beer” in the garage of a friend. Buzz beer is the house brand at the Warsaw located on Northgate. Lewis moved above the Warsaw Tavern and later into a house built illegally in the middle of a local park because women are turned off by the fact that they lived above a bar. After an eagle followed Lewis to the park and made its nest on the roof, their house became a protected site. Lewis uses a sock puppet named Professor Von Sock to sooth and cajole his patrons. To earn extra money Lewis don elf costumes and work as Santa’s Helpers during the Christmas season at the department store. Other job ventures find Lewis trying to “milk” snakes and sell their venom; administering an experimental DrugCo drug that causes empathy to prison inmates; and starting a home-based cookie business.
Once, Lewis was attracted to an attractive bank teller so every week, he withdrew $10,000 from the bank‘s ugly teller and re-deposited the money with the pretty teller. After a number of transactions Lewis hoped the good looking one would think he was a millionaire and go out with him. Despite his many attempts at love, Lewis still hasn’t found the right partner. That’s because, in general, most women find Lewis “creepy.” A typical Lewis pick-up line: "If you really think about it kissing is like putting your lips to the “sweet” end of 66 feet of intestine."


Bob Lewis

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