Betty Buckley

Old lady


Betty Buckley
Mrs. Buckley was married to Harold Buckley a salesman from Indianapolis that moved to Eerie about 30 years ago. She was one of the founding members of WACCO and a very known public figure on Eerie. After her husband’s death in 1993 she moved to a secluded home on Chapel Hills called Buckley House were she lives without electricity, television or radio. She hates visitors. She doesn’t care about what happens in “the world”.


SECRET: Betty and her husband brought Rev. Albion’s maps from David Gordon and Ms. Angelica Card back on 1983. They knew they were important and Betty scared when she found about the true nature of Rev. Albion, witches and fiends. That’s the reason she is hiding from society. His husband was killed by the Breathsnatcher at the hospital back on 1993.

2006: June, the mutilated body of Betty Buckley was found at her house on Chapel Hills. Her house was completely ruined like the attackers wanted to find something.


Betty Buckley

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