“Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” –Dylan Thomas

In the always rough, have-to-be tough urban jungle of Eerie, there are men like Beck… well, not exactly like Beck – a man who uses whatever means are necessary to retrieve whatever he is paid to bring back. A marker, a late payment or a Super Bowl ring from a quarterback with gambling debts – Beck doesn’t differentiate and simply relies on his wits, his “let’s get this over with” attitude and his devastating physical prowess to get the job done. For him, it’s a simple, multiple-choice world: (A) Beck’s way, (B) Beck’s way with force, or ©… there is no “C.” Beck doesn’t go looking for trouble, and he doesn’t like making trouble for anyone, either. Unfortunately, trouble is what he’s hired to clean up. He lives in China Wall Room 313 of the China Wall Apartments and works as a bouncer in different places of Eerie.

SECRET: Beck is a bugbear.

2007, January: Boris the Blade was payed for killing Harry and Merv and used hired muscle from Backrail Street including The Fat Man and the Little Boy, Beck and The “Poresosmundos”. The D.W. brough them to justice in B.B.’s Bar.



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