Anton Chigurh Bardem

Serial Killer


Anton Chigurh Bardem
Anton works at the Bradford Slaughterhouse located on Bradford Fields. He arrived in late 2005. Nobody knows were he comes from, were he lives and how much time he will stay on Eerie. He doesn’t get in any trouble, doesn’t drink and speaks rarely and in a soft voice. He lives in Truckers Triangle on a trailer that he owns on TT Lot 44.


2007.06.04 – Bernard Bradley discovers that Anton is a serial killer that is also a Shadow Hunter. He confronts him and even hide his Fiend Hunter’s kit in a small pond. Anton is looking for Bernard.

2007.06.06 – Anton Chigurh Bardem finds work on the Bradley Farm and tries to kill the Bradley family. The Bradley’s defend themselves and kill Anton. In reality, they have help from the Dream Warriors but they never reported who helped them.

2007.06.12 – DNA samples and the weapons owned by Anton C. Bardem tie him to 16 unsolved murder cases around the country. The Bradley family became a local celebrity and enjoy their 5 minutes of fame when reporters from around the country interview them about their bravery defending their family against a serial killer.


Anton Chigurh Bardem

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