Alice Ratched



Nurse Alice Ratched
Hospital Sector
Angel of Mercy Hospital
They say true evil is banal and commonplace, and Nurse Alice Ratched is the perfect example. Her unwavering dedication to her patients would be endearing if she wasn’t so dedicated to the idea that punishment and treatment are the same thing. She is the living embodiment of the conviction that it is all for your own good. When you pass through the doors into the Nurse Ratched’s ward you are a subject in her kingdom, and you’d best do as you’re told. Cold, embittered, cruel and in the words of Randle P. McMurphy: ‘something of a cunt’. As long as you behave, constantly and without question, Nurse Ratched won’t give you too much trouble. She even smiles from time to time. She works at the Psychiatric Ward of the Angel of Mercy Hospital.


Alice Ratched

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