Albertino Donatello

Club Owner


Albertino Donatello
Owner of the Oz Night Club and general mafia boss of one of the biggest and more silent criminal organizations on Eerie. Donatello is the descendant of Alberto Donatello and the current head of the Donatello Family. He claims to be in love with Jessica Buckley but treats her like shit.

SECRET: Donatelo is a Wealth Contact – A special type of contact is the one that helps with the character’s expenses or leans him money or resources instead of helping with skill rolls. This type of contact will count as having a Wealth equal to his skill. He can make one wealth check for the character per adventure but the character still has to cover the expenses incurred. If the contact’s wealth is less than the character’s, the contact can roll an aid another check for the character and help with a +4 in his Wealth check. More than one wealth contact helping in this way doesn’t stack.

There is a story about Donatello of how a man was once involved with a Donatelo’s woman. Donatelo’s is an estranged but jealous husband, who will bet on anything. To demonstrate that he wins a wager that a cat will successfully cross the busy road outside his club. He takes the cat home for good luck. Donatelo kidnaps the man. As an amusing form of revenge, he blackmails him into a dangerous ordeal: the man must circumnavigate the exterior ledge of Donatelo’s penthouse apartment in a gothic skyscraper. If he can make it all the way around, Donatelo will grant his wife a divorce.

The man agrees. During the circumnavigate attempt Donatelo appears on balconies and at windows to taunt and distract him. But is the cat who ultimately kills the man.


Albertino Donatello

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