Abigail Cromwell



Alias Agatha Chambers
Ms. Chambers is a British tutor hired by the Fitzwilliam family to help Morgan Fitzwilliam prepare for his new life when he moves to Europe to study. She’s going to be in Eerie all summer. Her credentials are excelent and her knowledge of history and languages superb.

2007.07.30 – It was discovered that Agatha Chambers was in reality, Abigail Cromwell an Occultist member of the secret organization R.O.S.E. She came to Eerie to acquire and hid some dangerous magic items: The Vial with the Blood of Iblis, The Iblis Scroll and the Iblis Medallion.

2009.06.20 – After defeating the Fables, the Dream Warriors gave Abigail Cromwell, the Blood of Iblis and she took it to an undisclosed location to destroy or hide it like the organization she belongs to, the R.O.S.E., does best. She also collected the Medallion and the Scroll. The menace of Iblis is out of Eerie and ghouls are now subject to the disadvantages they had before the blood arrived: they cannot attack someone if the person doesn’t speak first in their presence and they cannot enter without been invited.

2009.06.20 – Abigail Cromwell, a powerful occultist of the organization named R.O.S.E. studied the Colt and discovered the meaning of the carvings. “You have a bullet with your name, Morgan Fitzwillian, and the gun will fire it against you when all the others are used. That bullet is to kill a monster, the monster you are slowly turning into by using the Colt. It doesn’t matter where you hide the gun, if you separate it in pieces or melt it away, it will come back to haunt you until her job is done.”


Abigail Cromwell

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