Welcome to the city of Eerie, Indiana

Welcome to the city of Eerie, Indiana
Here everything is strange and at the same time is completely normal. Perhaps the citizens of Eerie are used to been in the place with more paranormal occurrences in the United States or they are blinded to the supernatural events that happen all around them.

The case is that in this city, nothing is what it seems.

At first, the characters were unaware of reality; the veil of deceit was over their eyes. But they learned about things that weren’t mean to be known and their lives changed forever. As they question their surroundings more, they discover small details: a teacher’s pointed ears, the smell of decomposing flesh on a passerby, larger than usual teeth on the doctor’s smile, a strange color in a bus driver’s eyes or the weird voice of a police man. They searched behind the history that every child was told to find small details that made no sense and who only lead them to greater mysteries. But they persisted and one by one they put together enough pieces of the puzzle… They discovered that under the know history of Eerie, was the supernatural history of Eerie. They discovered that under the known population of Eerie lies the unknown secret population of Eeriertown. They discovered that every truth had a layer of lie and that every lie was only a page on a bigger encyclopedia of secrets.

They now know that the more they discover, the less they understand reality… and them it become weirder. When they thought that things couldn’t become more complicated; they became the keepers of a new plane of existence.

Are you prepared to know the truth or do you prefer to keep the veil over your eyes?

You should be curious about the history of the City of Eerie, so read its Normal Timeline of the history of Eerie, Indiana and know what everyone knows, what the news, rumors and town stories report.

The characters of this campaign started as children of 7 to 10 years old that were living on the fictional city of Eerie, Indiana on May 2000. Their first supernatural event was a series of nightmares were they worked with the rest of the children of Eerie in the building of a gigantic tower on a plane of existence made of dreams called the Dreamscape. The children were been drained of their mental energy by a Dimensional Horror named the Content Not Found: dream-tyrant that was trying to reach our reality using their energy to build a door. A boy named Jay was helping them learn their potential and, after a series of strange tests, he named thirteen of the children The Dream Warriors and sent them in the front of a goblin army of the plane of Kobalos to destroy the Dream Tyrant. They fought and won but were betrayed by Jay who was in reality a mage named King Jareth a criminal exiled from our reality to the Plane of Contradictions, Kobalos many years before.

The children started to identify other supernatural beings on Eerie, like Queen Content Not Found: Noelia_ of the Faerie, a dryad exiled from her own realm of Fallerie and destined to live near her tree in the Queensend University grounds. They became friends with a man named _Content Not Found: joe-junker who showed them about the secret life of monsters on the underground city of Eeriertown.

More information on the previous adventures can be found on Las aventuras de los Dream Warriors I and Las aventuras de los Dream Warriors II. And if you want to know how well the Dream Warriors have been doing see the Dream Warriors Scores.

Five years later, on 2005, the characters are now teenagers. Many Events have happened in the city of Eerie and the characters have learned a lot in those five years about themselves, their families and the city they live on. They have offered themselves to help on Eeriertown and Judge Content Not Found: telemus-kyk-lps_ assigned them the tasks that Joe Junker use to do in the past. This is limited to dispose of bodies of monsters killed for been too dangerous. They gained the trust of many monsters on Eeriertown and also hunted those monsters that were dangerous gaining the distrust of Sheriff _Content Not Found: rojo, the self-appointed sheriff of Eeriertown.

The Thirteen Dream Warriors are:
Content Not Found: bernard-bradley_ (PC), Content Not Found: chloe-kubiac_ (PC), Content Not Found: Claire-bernier_ (PC), Content Not Found: dean-wesson_ (PC), Content Not Found: Donald-darko_ (NPC), Content Not Found: jonathan-rose_ (PC), Content Not Found: lie-cho (PC), Lionel Alexander Lothern (NPC), Morgan Fitzwilliam (PC), Content Not Found: shonda-matters (PC), Content Not Found: stella-faraday (PC), and Content Not Found: wendy-adamssesses (NPC).

Other Non-Dream Warrior Characters:
Content Not Found: arnold-morrow_ (PC), Content Not Found: christopher-bradford_ (PC), Content Not Found: Irene-tepahtoawa_ (PC) of the Shawnee (NPC) and _Content Not Found: larry-kubiac (PC), Content Not Found: nich-dresden (PC) and Peter Partelli (PC).

  • (PC) Player Character – (NPC) Non Player Character


As I’m putting the campaign information in a more organized layout using Obsidian Portal, some of the information is in english and some of the information is in spanish. More corrections will be made in future months.

Are you prepare to know the truth or do you prefere to keep the veil over your eyes?

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